“If you can’t fly, run; if you can’t run, walk, if you can’t walk, crawl.” – Martin Luther King

How often do you use the excuse of not being able to fly so you don’t have to crawl? “Oh, I can’t do what you do, so I don’t do anything” , “you’re the one who has the qualities, I don’t” , “it’s good for you who is able” , “I would do it, if I had the time you have” or ” … the money you have.”

Don’t you know that doing is what brings the results?

Don’t you work the whole month to receive a salary at the end?

Don’t you invest to make a profit?

Don’t you sow to reap?

So how do you want to fly if you don’t run, and run if you don’t walk, and walk if you don’t crawl?

Human nature is funny. It seems that what’s an excuse for some people is a reason to other people.

  • Some people don’t invest becaause they don’t have money, and others invest precisely to not have lack of money again.
  • Some people don’t take advantage of an opportunity because they don’t have time, and others do precisely do they never have lack of time again.
  • Some people don’t learn because they don’t have capacity and others learn precisely so they don’t return to lack of capacity.

I know how I see my world. I see reasons where a large part of my human brothers see excuses. Maybe that’s why I see opportunities where the same majority sees problems.

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