Do you not know if you’re an entrepreneur or not? Do you not know if you have the necessary fiber?

A person facing a difficulty, sees a problem. Has problems, fights against them and tries to take their life forward, despite all the setbacks.

But there are others that, given the same difficulty, they see an opportunity. They have opportunities, fight with them and their lives are carried forward, because of so many positive things that are triggered.

The second is an entrepreneur. But what makes an ordinary person a successful entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is a way of life . I’ll give you some clues. At the end you will know whether or not you are an entrepreneur, but also you’ll know what to do if you desire to make yourself one. To be an entrepreneur you need to:

  1. Not complain. The whining makes you focus on the problem and you want to focus on the solution.
  2. Be creative. Find a way of doing things that others hadn’t even thought of yet.
  3. Always see a positive side in everything and make use of it in some way.
  4. Have a clear vision of what you want for your future and be aware of everything that is going on around you and that can be helpful.
  5. The entrepreneur is a leader, able to gather around people and resources and channel them to their goal.
  6. Works hard. For him the day really has 24 hours.
  7. Makes choices. Has the discipline to postpone the rewards themselves to opt for something less pleasant now for something much better in the future.
  8. Is focused, doesn’t let himself get distracted.
  9. Knows how to save money, time and energy to invest heavily on what is important.
  10. An entrepreneur is always enthusiastic .
  11. Is a visionary. Facing the same reality, he can see what is not there yet, but that will come soon.
  12. Is a facilitator. Has a spirit of service. The more and better he serves, the more success he has in your endeavors.
  13. Has ethics for every situation. He needs to be a good person and treat everyone with respect.
  14. Complies with his word. People can depend on him because he does not fail with an appointment.
  15. A very successful entrepreneur commits mistakes. When he commits some, he fixes them, learns and progresses.
  16. Decides quickly and goes into action immediately. The work does not die in his hands.
  17. Takes risks and overcomes fear. Knows how to deal with uncertainty and is always pushing himself to new limits. Fear doesn’t paralyze him.
  18. Has a clear goal and a feasible, measurable and dated plan.
  19. An entrepreneur always has mentors.
  20. Works in networks, as a team.
  21. Is humble to learn and kind to teach.
  22. Has a high energy level. Is super – productive and always has time for everything.

These are the main characteristics of the entrepreneur, the way I could enumerate them.

They represent a number of qualities which are what make an ordinary person like you and me, a top entrepreneur, in whatever area it is.

If you take this list and turn it into a map you want to follow, you will be one of the best top entrepreneurs, from the first day.


Rui Gabriel

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