“The great navigators owe their reputation to the tempests and storms. “- Epicurus

5% of the population earns 95% of money.

There are millions of doctors, only one wins the Nobel Prize.

There are thousands of football players, only a dozen plays in the national team.

Only one (1) in every 99 people is rich with his work.


Because most suffer from a disease called “common sense.” And what is common is: only earn 1, 2 or 3 times the minimum wage (no more), working in the routine of a dental hospital (safe job), playing football in the middle gas as to not hider work or studies (“look at your future”), working to survive and not invest to get rich (“because if you’re rich it’s because you have stolen something “).

Therefore, “there is never traffic jams on the extra mile.”

Therefore storms only make a few heroes and kill most.

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