“It worked!” – J. Robert Oppenheimer

When he tested the first atomic explosion successfully, Oppenheimer simply said “it worked!” knowing that he had started a new era.

There are two ways to create big changes: so suddenly or gradually.

The first seems to be a fluke. You are very quiet in your little life when suddenly … wham, everything changes and you stay completely aimless until you can fit the new developments within your view of reality. What causes these sudden events? Really do not know, but I know that they will cause you only depends on you. You can use them to serve you, or leave them to use you.

There are these lightning do not know where they came from, but almost all great achievements have obscure and discrete beginnings, which accumulate energy over time until one moment it explodes.

This is true for what promotes you, what serves you, and it is also true to what discourages you, or harms you.

So be carefull with small actions when performed consistently (habits), because without a doubt, that they promote you or demote you. This is a law of nature and you can put it to work for you or against you, depending on the type of habits you can grow or tolerate.

Imagine that you do not want an atomic bomb to explode in the backyard.
It is a good idea to stop experimenting with plutonium.

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