This content was transcribed from the recording of the live workshop, provided on November 5, 2011 by Rui Gabriel.

Now, in this article, I will talk a little about the Leech Virus.

I think we’re all a little “bloodsucking”. In my previous article I was a little harsh on them. They’re people who want to be in long conversations and such, but anyway, I will explain the leech.

A leech thinks: “Give me!” That’s all it says. I need, I want, give me, give me, give me. We’ve all been through this, we all are or have been this way. It is important to have the notion that the person who says and thinks “want want want” and “give me give me give me” is a person with a short life, not only in this business but everywhere, because people start keeping away. Earlier I gave the advice to keep a courtesy distance from leeches. Now look to the opposite side, if you were a leech, people kept a distance of courtesy from you. And the farther away they are, the more you go after them and the more you have the need to ask for help and support and advice the more people move away. This is very bad because the virus causes feelings of abandonment, the person gets lost, does not know what to do and has no support from anyone. It’s horrible.

The vaccine against this virus is contribution. Are you becoming contributory.

Instead of saying, “Give me!” You ask, “How can I be helpful?”. And if you show willingness to be helpful, people get closer. You will then have the opportunity to help and contribute and at the same time will have the opportunity to receive, because we’re also willing to help those who helps and contribute with who contributes.

When we focus on asking and “sucking”, people defend themselves. And when we focus on helping and contributing, people cooperate.

So you need to replace the “survival mode” by “contribution mode.” Who has this leech virus is in “survival mode”: Me, me, I need, help me, give me, do it for me. But if you change the “survival mode” with the “contribution mode” , you no longer feels the same way: how can I help?. Show yourself available to help and if you do not have the knowledge to help that person then study and do whatever it takes and “waste your time” and the people will approach you.

This paradigm shift radically transforms your life, I guarantee it. And you get over this virus guns blazing, until you forget that you ever had it because of all the relationships around you. Everything changes radically.

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