This content was transcribed from the recording of the live workshop, provided on November 5, 2011 by Rui Gabriel.

Firstly what, to me, is the most important of all,


in other words, postponement. There are people who suffer from this, I am one of them. There is this habit of leaving for tomorrow or for later things that could be done immediately. I love the phrase that Don Marquis says “Procrastination is the art of keeping yesterday.”

If we want to focus on the future, change your life, do something to change the current circumstances and / or if we are not happy with the life we ​​lead then

Procrastination is our worst enemy.

It really is the art of keeping yesterday. You may have dreams in your head, but to postpone things, not big things but small things, these things begin to hold you down, to grow roots in the past and force us to turn our backs on the future.

That’s what procrastination does.

Whenever we don’t solve a problem, it ties itself to our legs and doesn’t let us progress. If we leave a small debt unpaid, a relationship to be clarified, a call to be made, just little things, they keep us tied to the past.

So for me, this is one of the worst virus that attitude can have. But the form of control it is very simple.


The first part of this vaccine is employ himself. One of the first things we say to promote network marketing is “be your own boss” or “fire your boss“, which is something that very few people do. I too did not do it for a long time, so I relate well with those who do not. But to employ yourself is very simple. Just think, if you employ yourself you are your own boss, right? Now imagine what kind of relationship you would have, as the boss, when you employ someone and think if you’re happy with the performance of the employee (that’s you), that is, the hours put in the service, work organization and if things are done on time or if they’re left for later. Therefore

the vaccine for procrastination is diligence, in other words, doing things immediately, as soon as possible.

The first trick to overcome procrastination is employ yourself and treat yourself like an employee. A little exercise you can do is at the end of the day, put yourself in the role of the boss, evaluate the work done throughout the day and give it a grade: good, bad, excellent, terrible, whatever. Normally it is bad because we had a bunch of goals for the day and if we have this virus, then we only completed a few of these objectives, and as we reach the end of the day we see the work done and we are very upset with ourselves, as bosses, because much of what we had pointed to is not done. Then the next day we will be more careful. That’s how we have to assess ourselves as employers and employees when we have our own business.

Many people involved in network marketing I meat are unoccupied people. That’s the worst thing that can happen in a boss of himself. They go out, spend the day in the cafe or in the park with friends with the pretext of talking to people, and really nothing happens because they are unoccupied, not organized with work and when they need to do things they don’t. This happens to everyone, everywhere, but in businesses like independent network marketing, this happens a lot. Because a person is unaccustomed to the discipline of working for himself. They can be used to working on for another person, and does a good job, but, as they employ themselves, become benevolent.

The second trick is a very important thing that we have to take into account: “There is a time to think and a time to act.” It seems logical and obvious. And it is. But often, in practice, it doesn’t happen. So when is the time to think? The time to think is the time to plan, evaluate. Before you do, think and formulate a plan of action, then distribute tasks, etc.., And when the time comes to perform is no longer time to think, but to act. A major problem of these people who suffer from procrastination, like me, is when it comes time to act, rather than doing, we think “what if I do it tomorrow?”, “What if I did it another way?”, “I would call now but maybe he is not at home”,” Now maybe it’s too early.” So the mind enters a stir of mental garbage and end up not doing it. When this happens we lose the battle against the virus, so we must have good notion that there is time to think and time to execute. When the time comes to think then think as much as you need to, but when it comes time to make a decision then it is time to perform without thinking anymore because time for thinking has passed.

When you think don’t act and when you act don’t think.

Each thing has its place. That’s why we make a plan, that plan is prepared in advance, well organized. So when it comes time to perform we can snooze up the brain a little, and not think twice. Once it’s done, think again, evaluate, correct, change a few things and think of a new plan to do so when it’s time to take action you can take action.

You need the discipline to overcome this procrastination virus.

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