This content was transcribed from the recording of the live workshop, provided on November 5, 2011 by Rui Gabriel.

Moving on to the third virus, which is the broken radar .

The first symptom of this broken radar is when we spend our time attuned to the misery and misfortune.

All around us we hear the news on the radio, on television, read newspapers, talk to friends, family and colleagues of network marketing and we all get together – and we all speak of? Misery. That this is bad, unemployment, lack of opportunities, the money is not worth anything, it is the government that is to blame, and all these things and this infects us all. When we begin to grasp just this kind of signals that will interfere directly with our view of the world. This is part of the second symptom that is to listen to the wrong people. And by that I mean, for example, you can have an extraordinary uncle who treats you like a son and you decide to talk to him about your start in a new business in network marketing. Now this uncle is really a fantastic person but knows nothing about network marketing. But you ask him opinion about the business, about work from home, financial independence, about being your own boss, and this person is listening to you talk about those things that never crossed his mind. It is not part of his experience so he does not know what you’re talking about. When we’re asked about something we do not know about, we always say no. That’s human nature. So this uncle tells you “You better not. Just in case, let yourself be as you are because you never know what will happen. You better not. ” But he doesn’t say “just in case, you better do it” So we end up listening to the wrong people. It’s not that people is bad, or do not have value. As people they have all the value in the world, but we are asking for advice on a matter to a person who knows nothing of this matter. If you want to know anything about network marketing we need to talk with people who have a lot of success in this business because that person has a valid opinion about network marketing because he has success and market value. If you ask a person who has not had success this person is going to have a negative opinion.

All opinions are valid, but we have to use our time following what brings us closer to our dream and our goal.

We have to have that ability to make decisions.

And how do we fight the broken radar? Choosing influences. We are all influenced and affected every day by everything that happens around us. So we must have the ability to choose our influences, in other words, seek advice and influence (not only advice but also the habits, attitudes, ways of thinking, philosophy of life, actions) of people who have the results we want to have. Because the credibility comes from the results, we have to approach people who have the results we want to learn from them and receive their influence. Because we are always influenced by those around us, we have to choose who is around us. This is called limited membership. We have to “waste” our time, quality time with quality people in what concerns them. We are talking in regard to network marketing and home based business and all that. So establish contact, receive influence, read, see, hear, talk, ask questions and observe mainly the attitudes and actions of that person because that’s what made that person successful. Thus,

you must spend your quality time with quality people, and time of circumstance with people of circumstance.

The two things are connected. We all have people who we like to be with, have a few beers and socialize but it is time of circumstance. We can not spend our quality time with people of circumstance. This is what breaks our radar.

This is how we control the broken radio.

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