This content was transcribed from the recording of the live workshop, provided on November 5, 2011 by Rui Gabriel.

The fourth virus is the virus of fear. Fear is a terrible thing, when it attacks us we’re petrified and paralyzed. Fear has this side effect of paralysis.

The proverb says “better known evil than unknown good.” I speak of popular sayings in other articles because they show a certain culture and way of thinking that we absorb by influence. We are taught that it is better to be unhappy but knowing the circumstances we are in, than venturing to seek a better thing because it is unknown.


It is indeed this way most people work. And it’s this virus of fear that makes us afraid of the unknown.

It’s what makes us think five hundred times before we make a decision and an attitude because we are always afraid of what will happen. And one of the key phrases that we hear and blocks us is “what if it doesn’t?”. What if I struggle a lot, and give it all, and invest in time, emotion and money and then it doesn’t at all? “. This sentence completely blocks a lot of people who would like to have an opportunity in network marketing.

So how do we control the virus of fear?

There are several ways, and the first way is to change our paradigm, is to gain confidence by changing what we say and what we think. Instead of saying “and if it does not work?” We say “what if it works?” And suddenly it shows us the possibility, the real opportunity that exists in the horizon. But this does not really eliminate the fear, what eliminates fear is action. The action that follows. Jose Carlos de Oliveira said in the first lecture he made in the magnet system, on the magnet stage and I never forgot it:

Action cures fear.

And this knowledge, for me, was essential to overcome this virus of fear. Today I’m not afraid of anything. If you are afraid of something when you see that the opportunity is real, it’s there, you have everything for things to go right (the products, the company, the support, sponsors, the system) and the only thing that is jamming is this fear, then you have to do think positive, so say “what if that works?” and act. Make decisions and act in accordance with that decision and the fear disappears at the same time, like turning on a light in a dark room. However dark this room may be, if you flick a switch suddenly the darkness disappears.

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