This content was transcribed from the recording of the live workshop, provided on November 5, 2011 by Rui Gabriel.

The 5th Virus is the Virus of Indecision.

The Indecision is the greatest thief of opportunity” – I really like this phrase, is often said by some of my friends.

We’re talking about network marketing, as usual, those who are not in network marketing I apologize, but I can’t guarantee you’ll understand 100% of what I’m talking about, but I think the majority of people are in network marketing.

I wanted to talk about this virus in two parts. So when we are making a decision to join or not, a network marketing opportunity, indecision is between yes and no, in other words it’s “start or don’t start.” And here’s an important thing that I have said already in many occasions, there is one thing that distinguishes very successful people from people who have very little success, and that is the ability to make decisions quickly.

Very successful people, if you observe them for a moment, they come across an opportunity, they analyze it quickly, and have the potential to make a quick decision. To start or not, but the decision is taken quickly.

When they decide to join and they decide to start fast, even if later things don’t start going well, that person will give their best, they will give everything to put the system to work, and the process of giving up is much longer.

So, people that decide to start fast take longer to give up, because first they will do everything they can to put it to work. This is how successful people work. People who fail work exactly the opposite way, they take a long time to decide and when they decide: “I’ll give it a shot”, at the first moment of difficulty they quit.

So if you pay close attention to all the people you know that are successful and all the people who failed, in this aspect of the business, what is the attitude that these people have?

The people who’ve failed take a long time to decide and at the sight of the first difficulties quit.

The successful people are quick to decide, give their best and they will only leave after they have squeezed that opportunity.

That’s the way it works.

Well, this in principle for the when a person starts, between “yes or no”.

During your day-to-day basis there is often an excess of options, I am now with a network marketing company, I’ve been in another one before, and what happens in the beginning is that there are many different tools and ways of doing things.

So I wanted to tell a little story that I find very interesting, maybe some already know it, it’s short:

“One day, sat at the edge of a lake, a fish in the water and a hare, a pigeon and a duck on land. They all started talking about the qualities of each other…

The Fish said: I am a great swimmer! I swim like nobody I know, I can dive and swim at incredible speed!

The Hare quickly replied: Look, I can run! I run so fast that nobody can ever catch me!

And the Pigeon added: And I know how to fly! I fly so fast, only the fastest hawks are be able to catch me and even then I escaped because I’m good really good at dodging!

Then the duck stood and said: Then by those standards I’m better than you all, because I know how to swim like the fish, how to run like the hare and know how to fly the pigeon! I’m the most adapted animal!

And he was very proud to be the most capable of them .

Suddenly, a dog came running towards the lake, the fish quickly swam to the bottom of the lake, the hare quickly runs to her hole, and the pigeon quickly flown to the nest.

The dog picked up the duck with its jaws, because there the duck stood deciding whether to swim, run or fly, the most adapted animal ended inside the belly of a dog. “

And this often happens to us, we are disoriented and lost with the excess of options, and end up not knowing what to do. At these moments we suffer indecision on the account of having too much to choose from, this was very usual in marketing I don’t really know if it is today. The goal of a work plan is to guide a person to end the possibility of indecisiveness. And every once in a while we find ourselves in the teeth of the dog without knowing very well what happened to us, just because we can’t make a decision.

We can overcome this virus with a sense of urgency.

Because the opportunities that I see today won’t show up tomorrow.

When I started the marketing company that I am now, I saw the opportunity one day and I didn’t sign up that day, I signed up 5 days later. I thought, there is no problem, “sooner or later”. I had already made the decision to start, but I decided to start early next month. I do not know where this notion that Mondays and the first couple of days of the month are a good time to start, came from, but I’ve suffered this notion before. During those 4 days, I bumped into 3 people, whom I didn’t speak to about my opportunity, because I hadn’t enrolled. I sensed they would be good candidates, but told them nothing.

After signing up, I attempted to get in touch with these people and only after a year of trying to reach any of them, I was able to talk to one of them and she is super excited now and got in with the highest level of marketing. And I just thought that, due to 4 days I lost a huge amount of volume, volume that would have been made after a year.

What would have happened in my life if I had made a quick decision and just acted upon it?

That’s why this sense of urgency is very important.

Then, one must only focus on the next step, not in the entire stairway, and this is for people who are afraid or uncertain about the future.  You’ve heard for sure that to go up a staircase is not necessary to see the whole staircase, you just need to see the next step.  And that’s exactly how it is.

You can’t ever see the whole staircase, and when we think we are seeing the whole staircase we’re actually being deluded, it does not exist. So sometimes we are able to evaluate and analyze, to check if we can see the whole staircase, and make a plan to have everything fit perfectly, and what we are going to realize is that it was all an illusion. Because halfway up the steps changed place, things happened completely differently and actually we were being guided by an illusion and that whole staircase we saw isn’t there.

What really matters is the next step, there is no other. There are no four steps forward, there is only one at a time. And as we take advantage of the opportunities that appear in front of us then they get dealt with, that’s how it works. This isn’t just in network marketing, it’s something that’s everywhere. And if we block and decide not to take this step, because we are not seeing the whole staircase, if this step isn’t taken then the next does not appear in the front of us. Then opportunities will arise as they are seized.

So the focus is always the next step, and the next step is taken when?  Now! It’s taken now, not tomorrow, and if it’s tomorrow then we are going back to talking about Procrastination.

And one very important thing about this indecision is that, if we delay too long to decide, we really are playing our life on other people’s boards. We are being taken here and there and sometimes we don’t realize it, because we don’t assume the command, we are not being proactive and our decisions cease to be our own. We walk in indecision as if we were commanded by the wind from one side to the other, sometimes we spend our lifetime playing in the wind, and we play the games of others who have no responsibility in making decisions for us.

We have the responsibility to take control of our lives, make our own decisions and act on them.

So this sense of urgency is essential to combat indecision and applies every day, not just on the 1st day of business, it takes persistence. When we have a plan of action, when we have things to do, you have to have this sense of urgency on things.

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