This content was transcribed from the recording of the live workshop, provided on November 5, 2011 by Rui Gabriel.

The 6th of the virus is Inconstancy.

Often I see people who do their blog and then write at a breakneck pace, 3 or 4 posts in one day and then another 1 or 2 in another, and the next 3 or 4, and then 1 more after three days, 1 more one week later , and we check out this blog and the last post was put there 3 months ago. What happened was what?


This person ran too fast and then got tired. This is how it is. This happens with everything.

I’ll tell the story of the hare and the turtle, no one knows it, so I’ll tell it here very quickly:

There was a hare who made a race with a turtle and the turtle won because the hare was so confident that, after the starting gun, he lay down for a nap, and then, when he woke up he thought “hey maybe it is better to run a bit “and then ran some more and lay down again because he needed rest. In the mean time, the turtle, slowly but steadily, won the race because the hare was distracted and stopped.

So how did we lose this game? How do we lose our opportunities in our business? How do we fail? Being inconsistent.

The distraction, dispersion, lack of focus. It is normal, when you are doing 10 things at once, you can not do any of those things perfectly done. There is actually the ability to do 10 things at once and do them all well, of course there is. But I’m not one of those people, do not know if the reader is, but I have to do one thing at a time and concentrate 100% on that thing and then another 100% on something else and 100% after another. I can not focus 20% on my attention on 5 things, it does not work for me, personally.

So what was the secret for the victory of the turtle? Was it moving slow? No. It was always having walked without stopping, with persistence. That’s the secret.

And the secret to the defeat of the hare? Was it because he ran too fast? No. It was because he stopped. He stopped, he lost.

Each person has its rhythm. It is impossible for the hare to maintain the speed of the turtle just as the turtle can’t keep the speed of the hare. Each of us has his pace and we have to find our own rhythm.

But this is really more or less irrelevant to our success because the

real secret is persistence.

There is a phrase I love to say:

Without haste but without stops.”

Our business network marketing is not doing a 100m sprint, it’s a marathon. If you run a marathon like a 100m race, what happens? At the end of 100m you quit because you can not bear anymore, but you still have 42Km to go. But as you can no longer run, you have to stop. And then when you recover your breath will run again over 100m and then you have to stop again.

And it has a perverse effect. Because when you stop working, you must again overcome inertia to start work again. So imagine you have a job in Network Marketing and decide to devote 6 hours a week, and instead of doing one hour every day until Saturday, no, you decide to work these six hours on Saturday because during the week you have other things to do.

What is the difference between working all 6 hours in a day or one hour every day? The difference is that with 1 hour every day, you get much further than six hours on Saturday. Because each time Saturday comes you have to fight a huge inertia, to get back to things that you haven´t even looked at the past 7 days. You have to start picking up the pace and you spend 2 hours to pick up the pace and then work very very very hard and when things are about to start giving some result it’s already Sunday and you rest. And Monday too, and so on and next Saturday you will have to do it again, again overcome inertia, analyze things again, get back into the rhythm and the system and this makes you lose a lot. So there’s no gathering of pace. You can’t gain Momentum.


To do a job that is effective you have to do it every day. It is much better to work 1 hour per day than 10 hours on the weekend because you gain pace. The work goes into your routine. Things start to move in an almost mechanical way. Creates habit but you can not create habit if only working on weekends.

It is important, this persistence is key. Without haste but without stops.

And it does not mean you should move slowly, you move at your own pace. You have to find your rhythm, and when you find that rhythm, be it slower or faster, that is the rate that you must follow. There are people who move very quickly but they can not stop, if you see that you have to stop it’s because you were moving too fast, working too many hours, with very fast pace, so you have to go a little slower.

So it’s important to find the rhythm, find an action plan and a working system that respects the rhythm of each person and is adaptable to the pace of the individual. And from the time that person has this plan of action and this system, that person can always work with Persistence, every day.

That’s how you win against inconstancy, with Persistence, never stop. You can slow down the pace a bit but never stop.

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