This content was transcribed from the recording of the live workshop, provided on November 5, 2011 by Rui Gabriel.

The next virus is taking the short route.

It is also easy to understand, it’s basically taking the easy way out just to not have to work. “well we could do it that way but let’s do it another way that gives less work and it’ll be fineThis is deadly. We make too many mistakes when we think this way. We think it gets the message across, then it’s fine . The typical phrase of this virus and we realize that we have this virus when we find ourselves thinking or saying it, is “it’s just this time, one time won’t hurt” or “just a little”, “I won’t be at the conference today, do not feel like it, I’ll be there tomorrow” and “take the product and pay when you can.” Now this sort of thing, when you’re running a business, is terrible and this kind of attitude dominates your business and not only doesn’t let it grow, but you’re also not helping anyone.

Now the vaccine for this virus is professionalism. That is the opposite of taking the easy way out. If you have a friend who is a customer, of course it can be your friend, but, within your business he is the client. So your downline can be your friend but, as your downline he is your downline. Along with a personal relationship you must also have a professional relationship.

And this professionalism shows us three things:

1 – Set an example. For example, we are doing the conference and I have a giant cold, with body aches, fever and have no patience, which happens occasionally to everyone.

But still one thing is my personal life and the another is my professional life and if I gave the commitment I fulfill that commitment.

And if I do not have to go to hospital because I’m really sick I’m at the conference, or am I making a plan in a friend’s house, or replying to emails, helping downlines, whatever. A part of my profession and my network marketing is my professionalism, no easy solutions. Things have to be done professionally and that’s how you give an example. If any day you go to your downline’s house to give a plan for him and some other friends and you have 40 degree fever but still appear to give this plan, you are giving an example that your downlines will never forget and, as stated earlier, these downlines mimic this behavior. With your attitude you can teach much more than with words. This is professionalism.

2 – Learn to plan, execute and move people. This has to do with the action plan. Learn to have and implement a plan of action and move people towards helping them do what you do.

3 – “The extra mile. This is what a professional does: When 99% of people say “oh, that’s good,the professional looks and sees and will correct any defect that he saw that nobody else saw. Maybe instead of working 10 hours he works 15 hours were the last 5 were used to correct a small detail that nobody noticed. But the professional saw it and if you are professional, when everything seems to be fine after the work is already done, you will search for a defect or a detail and improve the work above what was already seemed good . That’s the extra mile, when everyone says it is good and you look for the defect, and this detail distinguishes people who are very successful from people who have average or unsuccessful. It is precisely the opposite of taking a short route because with that, when is good enough you stop, but

with professionalism even when the work is done and is good, the professional person will look for detail and improve a little more.

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