This content was transcribed from the recording of the live workshop, provided on November 5, 2011 by Rui Gabriel.

The next virus is the 9th virus, the virus of waste.

This waste refers to:

  1. Waste of time, energy and money.
  2. Lack of organization – mess.
  3. Harmful habits.

All this is wasteful. We are wasting time, energy and money with the lack of organization and harmful habits. When we are talking about a financial opportunity we are talking about money and saving. We can not spend more money in our business than what we earn. There is no business in any country in the world that survives long doing so, unless it’s the Portuguese state that has the deficit we know. But we end up paying that money. But the state does not come over and pay for our business, we have to invest in it. So we have to keep our feet very firmly on the ground relating to our resources.

And our resources are our time, our energy and our money. Energy in the sense of activity. And this is what we have to put in the service of what we want to achieve. And if you look, it’s very, very easy to lose our time, energy and money.

tempo-c3a9-dinheiroI’ll give you an example: I go to facebook to see what my friends had been doing, see who added me, to promote my link to my site. So I work 5 or 10 minutes a day on facebook just to deal with things. And then I see half a billion people in farmville. I have nothing against farmville, also played and had to stop because I found it so interesting that I began to think I was wasting a lot of time on it. I’m just referring to farmville because of the amount of  time and energy spent in farmville. Because I see some people, some of them with whom I talked about a new opportunity and told me they had no time, have an entry in the farmville 10:33 am, another at 10: 50, another at 11:10, another at 11:30 and so on, throughout the day and this person spent all this time in farmville that gives 3h accumulated. I believe it’s very easy to spend 3 hours in farmville, specially because it’s fun, but the question is: what do we want to do with our lives? I want to be a professional farmviller or do I want to be a professional network marketer? I have to choose. Everything depends on our priorities.

This is a good example of where we spend time and energy. There are many others but this is an example familiar to me.

For the money is the same thing: “Oh, I do not have money to start a business in network marketing or to make my minimum monthly consumption” but goes out at end-of-week in the evening for a few drinks with friends. And there is no problem. It’s an option. Not that it is to be an example for anyone, but I personally will not spend money on snacks and drinks and dinner parties or whatever without making my minimum consumption in my network marketing, even before buying my contacts and my advertising. Because that’s where my business is. The money may not be enough for anything else, but there has to be enough for this. I can not waste a penny. All the money I can get is to go into the business because I’ve been poor, so I know what it’s like. And I do not want that to happen again.

When we have clear ideas of how we organize our things, our results change in an instant.

Then waste is a major virus.

Now we fight this virus? With discipline. Discipline is one of those things that is hard to say to someone who is disorganized by nature. I’m disorganized by nature so I feel free to talk about it. I shiver when I see this written word.


So I have done everything to get organized, keep my schedule and follow the schedule, which for me was a big jump but I had to do.

There are a few pointers below that help develop self-discipline.

  •     Maintain and implement a list of daily tasks. I hate lists. Anyone who knows me knows, I get nervous when I have more than 4 things to do on a list at the same time but it was a step I had to take because it is something that helps us a lot to organize ideas;
  •     Keep the “leeches” at a distance of courtesy. The “leeches” are those unoccupied persons who bore you all day. By phone, text, msn, facebook, skype, whatever. These people are people of circumstance. These are people who have nothing to do other than talk without consequence. These people “feed” of our energy. But we have other things to do with that energy that does not include these people for very long. So we have to do exercise to keep these “leeches” at a distance of courtesy. Not be rude but keep enough distance so as not to interfere too much in our calendar.
  •     Learning to live each month with less money, just to see where you are wasting. Here’s a good exercise in relation to the management of money. This is just so you can notice little dots where you can save some money. Tiny little things that you were not accustomed to think about and, once you do, you think “ah, i’ll probably be okay without this“. And that day don’t buy, or don’t do. And the next day assesses something else you can live without and don’t buy it. And every month you get used to spending less money on yourself and you will see the amount of money that we through away for no good reason. It’s amazing. This discipline, in addition to helping us save money, clearly shows us that most of our money goes to things that do not matter. And suddenly we get money to pay for things we find important. It is easy to see that, with this little discipline, you can have results that you could never imagine.
  •     Replace harmful habits for positive ones. With harmful habits I mean consumption of alcohol in excess, smoking, lack of exercise, all these habits. Replace these habits by other positive habits. Instead of doing something one way, so something else so that, slowly, you Replace these habits one by one.

Like this, we can beat the virus of waste.

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