This content was transcribed from the recording of the live workshop, provided on November 5, 2011 by Rui Gabriel.

In the next articles I will talk about Attitude Viruses. I speak only from my experience on a personal level, I will not speak of anything scientific, psychological or university studies and I am convinced that some of the things said here will be helpful to those who read these articles. And that is the goal.
I will speak of the 11 attitude viruses and their vaccines,

but let’s start with a short introduction.

I – Introduction

First, who are the recipients for this article? This article is aimed at everyone who sees interest in reading these articles because, of course, who does not read the article does not want to read it, therefore it is not directed to such persons. And these small decisions we make throughout the day and throughout the week are the ones that lead us in one direction or another, and then one day we wake up and see where we are and sometimes do not know how we got there. But really what happened was the result of tiny decisions. So you are the recipient of this article.

Now, why does it matter to identify the attitude viruses?

The attitude viruses are beliefs, ideas that we have implemented in our mentality

that, in most cases, are completely false and lead us in a undesirable direction. They are viruses that we have that affect our attitudes and make these attitudes lead us in directions we do not want to go. It is important to identify these viruses because the worst thing that can happen is one day we realise that we are in a hole and do not know how we got there. Most times, this is because these viruses creeped into our life, led us to make tiny decisions here and there and that took us in a route to disaster. Most people do not succeed in what they do precisely because of these viruses, and these people do not even realize they have them. So,

the objective of this article is to help you, the reader, think about your mindset and philosophy of life, identify your viruses and fight them.

It is essential to know how to fight these viruses and have the appropriate ‘vaccines‘ and ‘antibodies‘  because whenever they attack, we are faced with an option and they lead us to make the decision that is bad for us. Viruses plant little things in your head like preconceived ideas, it will bring you back memories, search for stories and opinions in order to hinder your progress. That’s how viruses work. But if you know you are under attack by a virus, as you are placed before a decision, will know the virus will try to take you in one direction then you will also know to do the opposit. So it will be easier for you to have freedom during those two or three seconds when making a decision, if you know what is a virus and what is not a virus.

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