“The events are facts. And the facts are neither good nor bad. What makes them one or the other is what you choose to feel and do about them.”

When something happens you can choose consciously whether this will be positive or negative in your life.

If you notice right in the first second after the event you already have a reaction all ready to use. It’s as if you had built a stock of feelings and actions without think about it, they jump ou of the box in certain circumstances.

These chronic reactions are what you were feeding and programming over the years and that condition your freedom.

Get rid of them.

Start by taking about 10 seconds to react. During these 10 seconds take a deep breath and think of something positive regarding what just happened.

Train this every day in every circumstance.

Your day-to-day will ask you many times to assume charge and that you turn every event into a positive one. And really, it depends only on you.

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