“In life, like in a hot air balloon, you control the direction by controlling the altitude.” – Bertrand Piccard

And you know how, in life, like in a hot air balloon, you control the altitude? By throwing the ballast overboard.

If life is throwing you south and you want to go west, you need to climb a little and find a higher current that will push you in the direction you intend. Your ballast is your baggage, beliefs, prejudices, habits and routines, knowledge, acquired data.

You need to be maneuverable, for you to adapt quickly to the changes of direction in life, dropping some ways of thinking and adopting others.

Stopping to act a certain way and starting to act differently. This will make you elevate and get another air current. It may not be the one you want, but if you keep this exercise of yours, you’ll find that which will take you to your destination.

What does this mean in practice?

Stay tuned, eyes wide open, and follow your instinct. It’s right most of the time, if then you don’t miss determination in action.

Find a meteorologist, a mentor who knows the winds, who sees the long term and knows the way by heart. During your journey you can not rely only on your eyes or on appearances, because often the worst threats are not visible until it’s too late to avoid them.

This is, in my experience, the biggest mistake of travelers (that we all are): they think they don’t need mentors, that having a mentor somehow deprives them of merit. This idea is only a game of the ego and there’s nothing true about it.

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