“Take the first step in faith. Need not see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King

Instead of commenting on the “first step” will comment “faith.”

To have faith is to have an bold intuition that makes you act.

I remember having read S. Paul say that “faith without work is vain” but I did not understand what the actions had to do with convictions.

But faith is not a belief, it’s an intuition that compels you to do something about it: take a step.

Begin with the first, then the next, and then another one and another. One at a time. And you’re giving these steps taken by faith, without even knowledge exactly where the stairs take you , you have a more or less vague idea, does not matter, something tells you that your way is by and even questioning, going in the same .

The prize is achieving your dream, is having in front of your eyes what was only in your imagination.

When you took the first step it all seemed an impossibility.

How is it that you, being who you are, could ever achieve it, become that!? Only a miracle.

And now that you have ahead of you no longer seems a miracle, but the result Your natural route. What happened was that you changed, your faith and Your actions have changed your conception of reality and turned it up to you the very nature of your dream. So powerful a courageous faith which has ability to turn base metals into gold and yourself in someone very
better than gold.

“Having faith is to believe what you do not see, and the fruit of faith is to see what you
believe. “(St. Augustine)

Nothing more certain. Believe to See.

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