“All you need to do is take five minutes in the morning to centre yourself with your goal. Establish your intention for that day. And if you do not have five minutes to do this, you do not deserve to live the life of your dreams. ” – Oprah Winfrey

You’ll know today how a virus can dominate and completely derail your life.

How long does it take to achieve your dreams, find a soul mate, make all the money necessary to achieve health, success, employment and personal fulfillment?

Five minutes daily, compressed by the multiplying action of time.

It’s very simple.

And it will be easy to do?


So if it’s so easy to do why don’t most people do it?

I will explain to serve as antidote to you when it happens to you:

This morning, you get up five minutes earlier, you take care of your personal hygiene and search for a quiet place to charge intention into the actions of your day. See yourself in your goal, you visualize it already completed, and you thank all the abundance you have, money, love, personal fulfillment … what ever your case is.

This view makes you feel centered with your goal, aligned with it and  you feel even now some of the joy you would feel if you had already done it. So far so good.

The day goes by and you forget all you had scheduled that morning. You forgot your dream, you reacted negatively to events, came back to make the same mistakes over again. You went to sleep. The next day you get up five minutes earlier, you take care of your personal hygiene, you find a quiet place and you focus in your objective, align yourself with it.

But the memory of yesterday’s failure assults you suddenly, and throws a seed of doubt in your mind. So, while you are viewing your future life, abundant in the things that you miss, the seed begins to germinate and tell you softly: “stop with this nonsense, this will never happen, you’re making a fool of myself.”

And even if you insist in your exercise, that little voice is not silent.

Throughout the day, you will perform the actions that you get you closer your dream and others that will get you further away.

But that little voice will try by all means to get you to remember only the failures and undermine your faith.

After a few days, or weeks, you stop doing this simple exercise “just for today”, “I’m rushed.” Then, another day, you decide not to do it again and after some time you don’t do it at all.

It’s just that: what is easy to do is also easy not to do.

Then time passes, and indeed, this simple exercise of five minutes did not work for you as a little voice said.

It was right, but it was you who gave it reason, you could have proved it wrong, by focusing on small improvements and enjoying these little joys, but you chose otherwise.

I’m putting you, in this example, in the role of the failed only so that you recognize yourself when the little voice starts wanting to sabotage you and so you know that it’s not you, nor common sense, nor reason.

It is only a virus, such as the bird flu, you need to have it and beat it to win immunity.

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