“A man can fail many times, but it is not a failure until he starts blaming other people.” – John Burroughs

If you want to know if you walk to success or failure analyze this:

“- The blame of my failed marriage falls on my wife (husband)?

– The blame for my lack of money falls on my boss?, The market? The bank?

– The blame for the financial difficulties of my company is the crisis?, Taxes?, Customers who pay late?

– The guilt of my bad health is stress? are the employees?, are co-workers?, is the hectic life?

– The blame for me not doing the job that fulfills me is the economy?, The lack of jobs?

– The blame for me being unhappy is the (husband) wife? family? betrayals?, fake friends?

– I’ve been cheated? (Whatever you want).”

If you answered yes to the questions that concern you, I have bad news to give you: you are going towards failure, without the slightest doubt. And I’ll tell you why:

When you blame others, or circumstances, the things you do not like, that keep you sick, chained, confined, unhappy, etc..,You are raising the flag of unconditional surrender.

You’re saying to the world and to yourself that you have no power, other people and events govern your life and there is nothing you can do about it.

You are delivering your freedom and your power to the hands of the said “guilty.”

If on the other hand you assume everything, yes ALL the responsibility for the direction of your events, you are declaring that you did what you did, the result was what it was. No dramas and no victimization. Then you can modify this result when you want, you just need to want to get to work.

This attitude of responsibility is highly liberating.

She regains for you the freedom to decide your destiny and shape it as you see fit.

You do not have to arm yourself with false modesty and start calling yourself guilty of the evils of the world. You have to take responsibility. The blame for the fall of the house can be the huricane, but the responsibility for the construction is the builder.

At this point of the reading I can almost read your thoughts: “beautiful in theory, but the blame for my problems is not and never was mine, I always did my best and I am in the situation where I am...”

In this case, pretend you did not read this article yet, send your ego outside to get some air, and get back to reading everything from the beginning.

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