When we founded the Lazy Millionaires we said we were at the beginning of the beginning.

Then when I earned my first $ 1,000 (thousand) dollars in less than 24 hours, we said again, with enthusiasm, “and we are only at the beginning of the beginning.”

Then I got days of 3000, 4000, 5000 and more dollars, and whenever I was asked what I thought of the future I always said: “We are at the beginning of the beginning.”

And we really are!

Imagine the audacity of the founders and marketing geniuses and technology of Empower Network to come say that would change the rules of the game of online marketing!

And they did!

The Empower Network’s BlogBeast marks a new beginning with new rules, a new game that is much easier to play for all who want to learn:

Bloging and making money from it.

I speak not only of “money,” but “a lot of money.”

And I speak not only of “blogging” but living day to day with a new means of communication at your side, on your phone or tablet, sharing your ideas with the world and living your life without limits, with no office, no bosses, while your bank account grows without stopping.

I speak of FREEDOM.

Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel.

I’m talking to you today because I’m very excited with what’s happening in the Internet Marketing business.

If you’re watching this video, you’re probably on my list. If not, you better bebecause I give out lots of very good information.

This is a message directed specially to you who are on my list, who recieve my emails, you know a bit of what’s happening in Internet Marketing. Today I have a very special message for you.

When we started with the Empower Network and the Lazy Millionaires about a year ago, we said that we found the formula, the button, and that this was just the beggining. So we are still in the beggining of the beggining, because so many new things are still happening.

This year was unbelievable.

I dont’ want to talk a lot about money or be very specific about it, but I can say that I earned a reall fortune, more than I ever earned all my life. I’ve earned more money this year than the past 10 years. It really is incredible.

And now we are right on the edge of the lauching of the Empower Network’ s new system, the BlogBeast. Really, this is a unique and inovative platform for publishing content.

You can be part of this story.

A part of the beggining of the beggining of this story in Empower Network. This BlogBeast is going to lauch on October 11th 2013, so if you’re watching this video before the 11th that means you still have time to take advantage of the mommentum provided by the lauch; if you’re watching after the 11th, you can take maximum advantage after the lauch, of course.

This BlogBeast is actually a very simple platform, but it’s also unique. It’s not only a online marketing tool, it’s also a super advanced internet marketing training system (that training system was what brought me the results I have), it’s a content publishing platform. So it’s a blog, associated with a social network, associated with a sales machine, generating leads, online sales, upsell, ALL in the same system, with the same login, on the same platform. And then it’s 100% compatible with all existing mobile devices, from iphones, androids, smartphones, the entire system is super adaptable to mobile. This means we will no longer need our computers to make money online and work.

I don’t own a phone, or a mobile because I don’t need it. I had plenty of them way back when I was in traditional businesses and I had to be taking calls all day, but every since I started in Empower Network I left my phone and am free in relation to that. But I’m going to have to get one because I really like to travel, and I’ve been traveling with my laptop. It’s a small laptop but a phone is smaller.

So I’m very excited about this and envite you, today, to join me and the Lazy Millionaires in this endenvur. We are living incredible times, we’re having a lot of fun, we’re creating and cementing relationships, living in a real network of people and entrepreneurs, teaching everyone from the expert to the newby, we have a real comunity of help and support and, of course, with that comes a lot of money and a lot of results.

So today my challenge to you is this, join us, come work with me in the Lazy Millionaires.

To do that, it’s very easy. It starts with $25 (you can subscribe below) and we can start working. After you subscribe you’re going to recieve an email from me with the next steps.

I’ll be waiting for you.

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Income statements in this message.
All examples presented are real and verifiable and are here as an illustration of what is possible.
But in no way is income of any kind guaranteed.
The average income statistics are published in real time HERE.
We believe that you can also achieve great results and that you will do the right choices for you to live a fantastic life.
Because you deserve it, let’s make it happen.


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