(Training on Blogging by Rui Gabriel. Transcript Miguel Borges – IMPORTANT: see note at end of article)

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Blogging is the 2nd of 8 Commitments, which are really our plan of action. I will share my experience. Nobody teaches anything that  isn’t part of their experience. And so, the same theme has different approaches.

It means that nothing I say is law nor absolute truth.
I do not know the experience that people have on network marketing, but in the traditional network marketing, what I just said would be a sacrilege. But as we are a special marketing network, here it works this way.


Let’s start with the reasons. Our real job is to generate contacts and make sales.

Generate contacts means to register a list of the autoresponder, emails of people who want to know information about what we have to sell.

We are not talking spam (sending information to people who didn’t ask for it) or put robots to collect emails online. What we do is generate actual contacts and make sales. Sales are done mostly through email marketing. When someone comes into contact with us, we are in the sales process. And we give the information to the person buying the Pack of 25 $. And before that we generate contacts.

The blog generates contacts and make sales. I think we are all in tune. When we say to blog every day we eally mean every day. Making an article a day is very little. We have to be present in people’s minds often. Even using the platform of Empower (which is very good) yet the exposure is low. We are talking about influence.

What is our job? Our job is to generate influence. The blog is for me to exercise my influence on my domain. You can see that my blog has hundreds of articles to generate a certain influence, to cause a connection with the people and not only the ideas but myself. I send my articles on my blog (50-60 per week) to my list of contacts (leads). A good portion of the items are used just to generate influence.

We have to create a relationship with the list. A good portion of the articles that I write on the blog pages are actually selling. I make a video, put the video on the blog and put the buy button. I use my blog for my audience, for my leads.


It’s great to blog and use SEO to generate contacts, but I use Facebook to generate contacts.

I created a fan page and I behave with it as if it were my blog. I started treating my fan page as my blog. It has text, video and images, and it’s viral in nature. If I put an article on my blog, I have a certain volume of traffic, on the Facebook page I have another. For the same content, exactly the same.

Imagine that 1000 people see my blog article in one day (which is huge). But if we put the same article on the fan page, the article is easily seen by 10,000 people in a few hours. The ideal  is to cross both. There are things only on my blog, others only on my fan page, and others on both.

One very important thing, very very important in this regard. In the Inner Circle there is Lazy Millionaires a training section. It is still possible who have the Inner Circle. This same workout plan of Club Insomnia is still available. I recommend that you buy now to take advantage.

Through Facebook, when we post content consistently and persistently, we start to generate a lot of contacts. And many more than we could through the Blog. Of course we know SEO is very good, but anyone who is starting can leverage many contacts per day (10-250) with content on Facebook. Post quality content.

Blogging is putting original content on my fan page and thus increasing my power of influence. My links are scattered everywhere. And my content becomes very viral. Just explain how we connect our blog with our fan page. This is how I do it.

We have free tools for us to use so we just have to take advantage. I’m saying this but it is not to buy the Inner Circle only for the Facebook training. The Inner Circle stands on its own. It has about 80 audios now worth $ 100 each, but we only pay $ 100 for them all.

So this training on Blogging, I just talk about the structure. In my opinion. For me, a fan page acts as a blog.


Now I will talk content. How to have content to write. Or to make videos or audios.

Before that I’ll tell you about dissemination of content. There are many ways to do so. Let me give an example. Spreading content. A video can go to DailyMotion, Vimeo, YouTube, FaceBook.

– We can extract the audio and publish on SoundCloud. We put the same video in lots of places. There are even programs that put the video on hundreds of websites at the same time.

Too extract the audio from a video you need a editing program and then record audio only. You can also record audio with the recorder from the computer itself: get the video running and record the audio.

I think MovieMaker, to extract the audio recording. There are many social sites to accommodate Audios. Own social networks: SoundCloud. And there are many others.

– Can I turn the video in an article. Write the same content as the video said. I put the article on my blog and on my fan page on Facebook summary with a link to my blog.

– And make a summary for PowerPoint and place it in SlideShare. I spent 5min to make a video and 1 hour to distribute them by n places.

Each of these parts, share with all social networks (Google+, Facebook, Twitter). One piece suddenly generated brutal spread on the Internet. Crosslinks everywhere. And generates so much influence. This is a tip that is in the courses of the Empower Network. Who does not have them, I recommend you buy them.

It’s important to us to have the information because it is in the courses that we learn these things, and of course much more than that.

This is what we can do with the videos. To have content we just need to be tuned and do not be ashamed.

How to get content.

I’ll give you some tips to never have a lack of content.
The first thing we have to have is a brain that allows us to think and be critical, to have an opinion. If you have an opinion then you have a subject. But since we are not trained, we are unaware.

And of course we can not be distracted.
An example: yesterday I was in the bathroom, and there was a magazine, Visão. 25% of Portuguese living with 14 € / day per month. And I was really shocked. And an article would take a long time to write, so I ran to get the machine and made a video.

This video, in two days has already generated more than 200 contacts! The video is genuine because I was really angry. So things have to be done on time. The smart phones are fantastic for making videos anytime. Everything has to be simple.

I placed it in the group and asked to who uses video to make a contribution. And now it’s generating money. We are here for much more than money. This comes from people with whom I relate, what I read, and came from what I read in that magazine. Our day-to-day is full of opportunities. I bought this camera because it is simple, very easy to use. A smart phone is also very practical.

We can also do the opposite of what I said above and turn the articles into videos. Everything is possible. Our real business is to generate influence. That is what makes people come closer to us. I can not teach law to a lawyer but I can teach internet marketing.

– Read the books, listen to the audios.

In our Facebook group there are hundreds of stories. From simple to more complex. We have many opportunities to have material in abundance for blogging.

The stories of other people are very powerful. Paula Garcia announces that she made $ 1,000 in one day. The story serves to generate contacts on Facebook but also to generate influence.

I’m gonna explain how I “take advantage” of Paula to generate influence for myself:

I call Paula, I ask her for an interview on Skype, I record a video of the screen. It will be a 5 min Video. Both your Video interviewing Paula. In the same video there are both of you.

Imagine you did not earn anything until now. You’ll get the video and put it everywhere and with your link, your name, you’re the interviewer, you do an article from the video, a ppt and a audio. What you put on Facebook you put also on Twitter. And you create a network of links that is brutal, harnessing the power of social networks, if you do this every day.

That is why the commitment is blogging every day. This is all to do every day. You put yourself there next to Paula. You are taking advantage of the credibility that Paula already has. And you can be doing this from day one. Yes, we can use the stories of others. Of course it is good manners to ask. It is polite to do so whenever we use the image of another person.

I will give another example. I really like having notepads. Small blocks that I can carry. We can write and make videos. We are constantly talking with ourselves throughout the day. Very easily we can use things we see and think. Just be aware and have an opinion. But we have to write all the time.

Our job is to generate influence in order to generate contacts and make sales. We take the influence of each other when we use each other’s stories. That’s why we have to blog every day. If we can get 5 posts a day and soak the contents of your Internet everywhere. That’s what I recommend to everyone. If we put our opinions everywhere … In what way? Every way. And spread it everywhere.

Read a bit of a book a day, listen to an audio, be focused on our message, have a purpose, have a mission. Use original content and the stories of others. I recommend that you enroll in email lists of people throughout the group. Because you will receive content to give you ideas.

Guys, do not copy because it adds nothing. Copy of other things serves no purpose. If we copy we have to ask permission to copy. We are not sheep to smell each other’s ass.

We must use intelligence to produce our own content. The more personal and better it is, the more influence it will spawn. Tell the story of others, share our opinion.

Blogging every day is a lot. To generate contacts and make sales.
If you reach the end of the day and didn’t make money, you did something wrong. If you do not have money to do paid advertising, have to put a lot of content online. Everywhere.

It’s ridiculously easy to do business this way. And a lot of fun. Work in our own personal growth.

And it is increasingly easy to sell, and sell a lot, and join an army of people inspired by your example and by your stories.

Want to get an idea of ​​how complicated it is for a person to try to succeed alone, without Lazy Millionaires? Imagine having to discover these things for yourself! Imagine not being able to use success stories from other people or catch the wave of their dynamic to create your own reputation? You think you’d get there?

It is possible …. after years of hard and lonely work rather than simple and fun.


Important Note to readers of this blog:

This article is made in oral language and was transcribed. Not all sentences are correct and not all ideas are perfectly cast, but here is a faithful record of the training session.

If you are not yet a LAZY MILLIONAIRE and you’re fighting for place in the sun you deserve, do it HERE acquiring your basic subscription right now.

You’ll be in personal contact with Rui Gabriel in a few hours and you will start your way to the top.

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