“You play a game. If you don’t play on your board, you play on the board of another person.”

One thing is certain. Who does not know where he goes everywhere is right and wrong.

You have talents, tastes, energy, ideas, initiative, ability to work, intelligence, health, money, love, success, sense of humor and all the skills needed to create your own game.

While playing in various boards, take time to draw your own.

Create your goals, refine the rules. If you have a fun, exciting, profitable and addictive game many people will want to join you. If you have not you will continue to play on others’ boards, serving only their objectives.

There is no harm in that. I know many people who prefer drowsiness then excitement , but you should know that you can not want to be dormant and active, build something and do nothing.

Play your game.

Sometimes observation is part of the game.

Spy the best games that you find, play with them, learn them from memory, involve yourself.

Next thing you know your own agenda will appear, your own objectives, rules and board.

Use them and you are master of your own life. Free.

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