“Prayer does not change God, but changes him who prays.” – Soren Kierkegaard

When I was a novice in Italy at the time had about 4 hours of daily prayer and meditation. He lived in a town called Vittorio Veneto, leaning against the pre-Alps north of Venice. In addition to the daily life of work, study and meditation / prayer, was in the city there was a monastery of contemplative nuns who willingly yielded a cell where I could spend a day, and on top of the giant mountain that covered the city with his shadow, the Grove Cansiglio that seemed taken from a fairy tale. For here was cycling, it took many hours to get up there, but flew back down the road, sometimes already evening. These were my favorite places to spend full days of personal retreat once a month. Went out early in the morning and returned at night.

These experiments produced a profound positive impact on my view of the world and created shock waves that spread through time and still today I feel very clearly. I became extremely thankful for everything. Not left to be picky, but instead of asking appreciate what I have and what is to come.

I feel there is a powerful effect that causes meditation: gratitude adds generosity.

The first is a spiritual state and the second is a state of action.

You can not have one without the other and you will not have one without the other.

If you become more grateful you will be more generous and it makes you even more grateful for you because it will attract more good things.

Things you wouldn’t have the nerve to even imagine how much more to ask!

I am a witness. And now I’m much more daring in imagining in asking and thanking.

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