“You will teach them to fly … But they won’t fly your flight.” – Mother Teresa Calcutta

Your first task is to learn how to do, then teach how to do, and then teach how to teach.

Do not think, however, that by teaching, others will be like you, or have your results. No. You want to teach leaders and not followers. The food that we eat is the same, the air we breathe is the same, but in each of these supplies work differently depending on your characteristics and mine. So your learning served you in a certain way and will serve others differently.

Let each build their own castle with the same bricks you use.

Treat your children this way, your husband or wife, your friends, your subordinates, if you have them, your bosses, if you have them and let the spirit flow and light a different fire in each of them.

One thing you do not want is everyone being like you, and thank goodness.

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