“Any idea, plan, or purpose may be implanted in the mind through repetition of thought.” – Napoleon Hill

One thing is certain. What you repeatedly think becomes reality. This kind of chronic thoughts can serve you or demolish you.

  • Want to be slim ? Think of yourself as thin. Have no doubt that, with time, you will begin to adopt behaviors typical of thin people, because that’s what you are in your mind. You start doing the exercise they do, choosing the food they eat, the quantities they eat, having a way of life as they have. Next thing you know, you are losing weight.
  • Want to have lots of money? Think of yourself, chronically, as a person full of abundance. Soon you will be dealing with the money as those people do, saving what they save, thinking like they think, seizing the opportunities that they seize, attending the places they attend. One day you’ll see that you also have an abundant life.
  • Want to be attractive? Think of yourself as attractive because it will make you have those little attitudes, postures that will make you attractive.
  • Want to have health, a successful career? You will have it all. But you need to implant it in your mind first.

“When do I get it all? When will accomplish all my dreams?”

Odds point to a much longer period than the one you’d like, but much shorter than it would take you if you think all this is stupid and leave everything as it is.

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