“Nothing is easier than to be deceived, because every man believes that what you want is also true.” – Demosthenes

The bestselling book and movie, “The Secret” is for most of us a chorus of illusions and illusionists who do believe that something is different than it actually is. Millions of people worldwide have read the book and / or seen the movie. I personally saw the movie many times and recorded the audio I put on my MP3 to listen to while driving. I know it by heart. The book I read it once and gave it to my mother.

After you ask her what she thought of the book she smiled and exclaimed that it was a date nonsense. “So now just think things happen for them? That would be good”. My brother Ricardo, I do not know whether or not he saw the movie or read the book told me when it happened to in conversation: “Oh, this is about positive thinking.” And kicked to the corner.

For these two people close to me, “The Secret” was not even the first barriers to overcome. But not so for many millions of people, myself included.

The sales success of “The Secret” comes this primary need that we have to recover the magic of childhood where everything is possible, there are no limitations to what you can do: open wings and fly, run like bullets, make yourself big or small the request, we fought with swords against the monster planet X.

And it works because we all love (and need) to believe it may be true something we believe.

But one thing is the sales success quite another is personal success using “The Secret”.

If the statistics are correct, about 5% of all readers experienced positive and permanent improvements in their lives, or, put another way: “The Secret” did not make the slightest difference in the long term 95% of readers.

Now, this invalidates the book or dvd on something? Of course not, since, even if there had been only a reader who had changed their lives for the better by following his teachings, it would mean that they are valid. That’s not what this is about.

What it’s about is the mass of people, the mole, the 95% who did not take hardly anything visible and permanent despite having the same access to the same teachings that 5%.


All the fuss and popularity came from a simple message used in its promotion and repeated on talk shows, reviews and advertising: “You can change everything, right now, suddenly, if we simply want to.”

But this is a message, although commercially effective, is wrong.

The manifestation of your intentions has nothing to do with positive thinking or with a mental storm rearranging neurons and suddenly puts in harmony with the forces of the universe. Nothing like that.

The process is gradual, and requires much work.

In the visualisation alone, some people need weeks or months to get trained at interesting levels and most people do not know what that is.

I well remember, for more than 20 years ago, when I graduated in Italy, being accustomed to daily meditation, how difficult it was to get the interestingl sinestasic level viewing!

However I do not think you need much besides a good imagination to put the wheels in motion in the universe.

To put the Universe “working for you”, or “conspiring in your favor,” as Paulo Coelho says, you must:

  1. Establish your intent. Formul your desire, visualize it realized, give thanks for that you hve attained. Throw it in the world.
  2. Then enter attention mode. Do your chores, fulfills your life, but stay alert in the background of your mind. You will receive a sign very soon, that something that will you get on your way to your desire. Recognize this signal. If you are not in tune with the universe did not will recognize, so it is important you manteres grateful and patient. Already “won the lottery”, but have not got the prize in your hand. How to recognize if the signal is genuine or just noise? It’s simple: he surgere you beautiful ideas, stay happy, positive and confident about the future? So it is NOT the sign that waits. This will be a very simple task, something to executares.
  3. Once recognized the signal, put action. This is simple, since it will be a task, simply do it. But take note: this task is often large and you will have a lack of courage, you think you’re mistaken, you’re not going to do it based on intuition idiot. Other times it would be something as prosaic as easy to do that you doubt  that you can provide the realization of your dream. And then everything stops. Stop the rotation of the galaxy, there is nothing anyone can do to accomplish your dream, it will die. This is where the just positive thinking, which lets you believe despite the evidence may say otherwise. And believing you act. While recognizing the signal ACT without thinking twice, no doubt, with passion and gratitude.

As you execute your task back to point one and continues to send your intention, view the results and thank you. When this task is completed, return to your duties and connects the mode attention in order to receive the next signal.

And so on, like a breath three times:


until you get your goal.

He will come.

It won’t be the speed you’d like (we are always in a hurry) but in its own time.

Keep breathing.

I know of no other way for “The Secret” to work. And these simple instructions are written there, there was one of the places from which I learned, but I think they are forgotten under the illusion of “just need to wish”.

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