“Teach this triple truth to all people: a generous heart, kind words and a life of service are the things which renew humanity.” – Buddha

In your body, every seven years there isn’t a single cell that remains. Whole organs renew themselves 100%. In the renewal process, cells are fabricated by the millions for other cells. The tendency is that healthy cells multiply into healthy cells and diseased cells into diseased cells.

Embrace the triple truths of the Buddha:

  1. Generosity: attention to the needs of others, gift of your precious assets: time, assets, talents.
  2. Kindness: always choose to be “polite ” rather than ” being right.” It is a mixture of humility with high self -esteem.
  3. Service: comes from generosity, promotes the other person makes them feel better after having been with you.

These virtues propagate.

  • Good people multiply into good people, and even if you think you can not change the world alone, you’re already doing it.

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