In this article I will tell you one of the 3 secrets that I use to BE, DO and HAVE almost everything I want. Powerful, right?

One of the critical success factors are the influences we choose (or don’t choose) to have in our lives, to inform our decisions and monitor our actions, pointing our weaknesses and encouraging us in our strengths.

Because, who knows where to go but doesn’t have the experience of the journey, needs a guide.

He will pass various mental processes, psychological and intellectual. He will master new skills and will be excited, but will also work hard without seeing results with the speed he liked. He will want to quit, he’ll be excited and discouraged.

And all these things are vital for you to arrive at your destination. Every challenge overcomed gets you closer to the goal. However, this is not always clear to you. You look in front of a tree and you cease to see the forest, even worse, you cease to see the path.

The mentor, then, does this with you: shows you what things really are and what is the fruit of your stupidness. In the first case, it encourages you to continue, in the second tells you to stop doing that and lets you change something.

Hello, I’m Rui Gabriel, I just arrived less than an hour ago from my trip to, first Denver USA, then to Toronto. I left the house almost a month ago for a very interesting vacation and I just got home for a very pleasent surprise. Because, when Silvio Fortunato came from Denver, he brought with him the big check I got there, he brought it for me and put it here in my house. So, the check for $65,175,00 is right here! Take a look! (00:32) It’s here in my bunker, like I like to call it, in this isolated place were I like to work. It was an incredible surprise, thank you Silvio.

I am going to stay here for a few days, here at home, then I’m going to meet Silvio at the Algarve. He’s on vacation there now, I’m going to meet him and then we’re going together somewere else and we’re going to have, like, a 3 week long meeting. I miss him already, I haven’t seen him for a month or more. We are going to have a meeting to discuss the future of humanity. So we’re going to discuss a lot of things and have a lot of fun, for sure.

My message for you today is very simple and it has to do with choosing influences. Everyone is influenced, people that  say “I don’t let myself be influenced” or something like that are influenced, I’m influenced. And the most important thing in our lives is our choosing of who influences us. If we don’t choose, someone will choose for us and we end up letting ourselves be influenced by people that we don’t choose and that, usually, have little interest in us and our family. We let ourselves be influenced by tv-shows, by the news, the newspappers, the politicians, religious leaders, and all those can be good or bad influences in our life. But that’s not the point, the point is if they are conscious or not, and if it’s what we want for our lives. So, if I “suffer” influences, if I let myself be influenced by people who have nothing to do with what I want for my life, and if I start making decisions based also on the influence these people have over me, naturaly I won’t have a lot of results or success in what I want. It doesn’t mean this other person isn’t successful in what he does in life, but if it’s not the same thing I want, then I’m probably trying to cook a dish with the wrong ingredients. So it’s important for us to choose whom we want to be influenced by, accept and recieve these influences, that mentorship, and take the most advantage of it so that we can progress and do our journey.

It’s important to choose who we want to be influenced by and why, because not everyone is fit to influence others. People say “Who can do, does. Who can’t do, teaches.” Have you ever heard that? So, many times, some people show up, on the Internet, teaching things they don’t know how to do. They might know who to do it, actually, but they haven’t done it. For example, I might know how to make money online and what I think might be right, but I didn’t do it, and if I didn’t do it 90% of my information is going to be wrong. Because we all know that 90% of the information, of the knowledge we aquire, comes from experience and 10% comes from study.

So we need to have these three things:

– study, to know what and whom to study. It has to do with the gathering of skills and knowledge.

– practice, because 90% of our knowledge comes from here.

– modeling, to let ourselves be influenced by a mentor of our choice, who has the results we want, who is the best possible in what we want to do and who can and wants to teach us.

So today I wanted to talk about that a little bit, so we can choose who are mentors are.

One day someone said to me “You have a very strong presence online, people know you, you make a lot of videos, and I am part of your workgroup (in this case he wasn’t my affiliate in Empower Network, but became it later on), so if I start working with you, naturally people are going to know you and they’ll all want to sign up to you and want you as a mentor because you know a lot more then me.” And this person actually has a point. Obviously, all the work I’ve been doing online over the years brings me results. It’s true, fair and obvious that that happens. But, on the other hand, some other very interesting thing happens. Lots of people, and I mean lots, join our team and they are not sponcered by me, they are sponcered by someone else on the team, and this new person knows that we work as a team, and identify themselves more with the style or language or way of being of someone else. And it’s fine, and that’s the way it should be.

So if you’re thinking about starting your project with me in the Empower Network, welcome. I want to tell you that I am here to support you and that you, in your business development process, are going to become a different leader than I am, in your own way, because that’s what we provide. We teach you how to become an independent leader, in your way, ant that way you are going to attract the people that identify themselves with you. And that’s the way to do it. I don’t want to sponcer everyone, it’s impossible, that will never happen. Silvio Fortunato doesn’t sponce everyone, he sponcers people according to the work he does and earns his money according to the work he does. I do mine wich is very different than his. Obviously, for me he’s a mentor. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the influence that I chose to take from him, he tought me almost everything I know. But that doesn’t mean that people won’t identify themselves more with me than with him, in the way of being, talking, etc. So it’s great for both of us, and the people on my team are like me and like you. We are all different and when we have a leader, a proper mentor, that mentor is going to create, not followers, but leaders. And you are about to get in to a school of leaders and leadership. And what happens within my group is this, it’s a leadership school that is going to provide you with the right tecnical knowledge for you to earn a fortune online but, more then that, you’re going to learn how to lead yourself and other people through the acquisition of value, and then the communication of this value into your market. That’s what I do every day, in case you haven’t noticed, I do videos and write on the blog and all that stuff, there’s nothing to know. I do it because I learned it and you’re going to learn how to do things your way, in your style.

So my message to you is this, choose your mentors well. If you want to choose me, of course that’s what I’m here for, that is my job and I’m here to support you in what I know, and what ever I don’t know I’ll find a way to know or tell you were you can learn. We are all here walking our path, each person his own. You are walking yours and I’m walking mine. And that is our commitment with you, to take you in during this process, in this moving train, and try to extract the best out of you, communicate that best to the market through capturing leads through marketing, so you can make as many sales possible and earn your money, your way. So, to choose a mentor deosn’t mean to loose your personality, on the contrary. It means to choose a mentor who values you as you are and who helps extract from you what you have within. That is true mentorship.

There are many “mentors” on the Internet. Choose who has results within what you seek, who has a system where you may learn and practice and who is willing to guide you in the process, to give you challenges on the right time and showing you the way when things get tough (and believe it: they will).

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