Make sure you have a direction and a goal and then see if you can mold reality in your day-to-day, in order to manifest this purpose.

One thing is certain. If you don’t learn how to do this you will never be rich.

At first I spoke of the difference between “getting rich” and “becoming rich”.

Now we can talk about it: someone who wins the lottery, or who sponsored a superstar, can get rich very quickly, as one who received an inheritance. That does not make the person rich, it only makes them someone with cash. They may be far from “being” rich.

To “be” rich you must develop, at least, all the skills addressed in this category and possibly many more, which we will list below. You have to become a better person, genuinely interested in supporting and helping others, happier, balanced, comprehensive, generous, healthy and active. These qualities will always be present in all things that make your day-to-day and in the way you relates with everyone (even through the Internet). This way, you’ll become attractive and many people will want to join you and work like you.

To make your task easier I’ll leave you a checklist that you can use to make sure you’re going in the direction of chance or in the direction of rupture in your multilevel business, I hope, therefore, that it will also help you to make the adjustments you deem necessary in your path:

Put “X ” to the left of the number if what is written inside the box is true.

1 – The multilevel company you are currently working with was carefully chosen by you (and it didn’t just “happen” without having explored other possibilities).
2 – The products that are sold have high demand in the market “out there”, outside the group of distributors/consumers.
3 – The compensation plan promotes retention (has low minimum requirements for residuals and pays a good percentage from the 2nd row down).
4 – You are part of a dynamic group that works together, learns and teaches, who share work tools and divide tasks for the good of all.
5 – Your upline execute an effective action plan that you can also execute and teach your organization.
6 – (if yes:) This action plan is simple to perform, entertaining and has the necessary and sufficient ingredients for you, if you do only what is in the plan, to earn enough to support yourself and your family.
7 – (if yes:) Everyone, without exception (or almost), both uplines and downlines, perform exactly the same daily work plan.
8 – Do you use the Internet to generate your cold contacts and to follow up with them automatically.


Part 2: YOUR “CHIP”, The “YOURSELF”.
9 – You have a big dream, seemingly impossible to achieve.
10 – You hear all your acquaintances saying a certain thing or having a certain opinion and you follow your own intuition even in contradiction to the majority’s  opinion.
11 – When people tell you that you are not normal (a “nutcase”) you see it as a compliment.
12 – Can you do the same things day after day for months, even without any tangible result, just to see how long it takes to deliver results and learn from it.
13 – You know that the future will be much better than the past, even though everyone says otherwise.
14 – You never complain. For you, everything is always fantastic. For you, there are no problems but challenges in the game of life.
15 – You know the one responsible for your future is yourself, a multilevel company is just a vehicle, not the destination.
16 – You won against the virus of defeat: negativity, procrastination and jealousy.
17 – You have a single large objective clear in front of you, and smaller targets, partial in that path.
18 – You do everything you can every day to conquer these small goals in a daring and clever way, and savor these small rewards.
19 – You study everyday issues related to money and your business area, as well as topics such as time management, money, people.
20 – You are teaching other people with your achievements, big or small, so that these people may also have results at least equal to yours.

This list is not a personality test from a magazine. Look for the items you marked.

  • If there’s an “X” in all of them, I bet that, if you’re not rich yet you’re on your way, fast.
  • If you don’t have any crossed items, you have a long and painful (but fun) journey ahead.

I believe that you, like most people, put more than 5 little crosses and are searching. This article was written for you. Enjoy what you understand to be usefull.

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