When I’m asked “how much investment is needed to start” and I answer for example: 200-6000 euros … some people say, “ah, but not everyone has the money”!

And “How much time do I need to spend?” And I reply “2-24 hours a day,” some people say, “Ah, but not everyone has that time.”

And sometimes they ask me: “You need to know a lot about the Internet?” And I say: “You can know only to read emails and browse” and some people respond that “Oh, but not everyone knows how to surf the Internet, and not everyone has a computer. ”

I still don’t understand the reason for this response. For example: What is about the fact that there are people who have no hair ( not everyone has hair) with the fact that I want to get rich selling shampoos? Who does not have hair, doesn’t buy any. I sell to anyone who does have hair.


The reality here, though, is a little more complex than “selling shampoos” because a large part of the focus of my work (and ours) is to help people have a different life. (as you remember, our motto is “Enjoy Life and Make the Difference”)

Having people who “have no time”, who “have no money” and “have no skills” (doesn’tunderstand anything about internet or business) how do stand?

We help or not? We work only with those who has or with who doesn’t have?

Aren’t these questions good? They’re all right. And I answer them in the video I made today in a beautiful lake in Canada were I’m on vacation for a few days with the family:

Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel. I am now in Canada on vacation, I have a beautiful view here at the Six Mile River. We came to spend some time with the family.

Today I have a special message for you.

Not long ago, someone on Skype asked me what he needed to be successful on the Internet. I told him he needed to invest money, time and talent. And he said “oh, but not everyone has money.” I thought it was interesting that his objection was “not everyone has money” when, really, the objection should be “not everyone has the will”.

Not everyone has time, not everyone has talent, and, of course, not everyone has money. The fact is that, when we want to do something, there is always someone who doesn’t have, there’s always someone who doesn’t do, there’s always someone who doesn’t want, there’s always someone who doesn’t have the conditions or the circunstances. That’s a reallity with what ever it may be. And we can focus on the people who don’t have, or we can focus on the people that have or can get, and work and help those people.

The fact is that we can’t help everyone work. The decision to be either a chicken or an eagle is a personal decision, and we can only work with who is an eagle, not with who is a chicken. Why? Like Jim Rohn used to say “You can’t take a chicken to eagle school.” In other words, instead of looking for the people who don’t have the circunstances, who don’t want them, who didn’t look for them, who didn’t create them and try to do their work for them and motivate them… no… First of all we have to look for the people who already have, who already want, people who already have time, or money or talent, and who, if any of those is missing, is willing to aquire them to be able to start working. These are the people we can work with. All the other ones who don’t have money, talent, time or will to aquire them, those people, unfortunatly, we can’t do anything about. The only thing we can keep on doing is to continue to challange them, continue telling them what needs to be done, the money they need to get, the talent they need to develpe, the time they need to dedicate, so that, by their own means, they can find the solutions to their own lives.

Because these projects, projects on personal development, projects of success in what ever area of life, are never ordered from the outside-in. I can’t turn someone into a successful person, what I can do is help the person create circunstances, help you create the circunstances. Provide you with the training, the tools, the chalanges, so that you, yourself, with your will, your money, your time and your talent, can achieve success. No one can do it for you.

So sometimes we spend a lot of our time trying to create conditions for people who are not even there, for people with limited and small minds. These people don’t need us to expand their minds or take their limits away. No. We can´t do that. We have to keep challanging, to keep providing them with the information and the challanges so thet they can surpass themselves and start creating conditions.

For example, “I don’t have money to start a business online.” It’s no problem not having money, because who doesn’t have money has a plan. When someone tells me “I don’t work with you because I don’t have money”, or “I don’t work with you because I don’t have time” I don’t even answer that person. Because that person has already decided not to work, and not having money, or time, or talent, are excuses for the person not to need to have a plan, not needing to challenge himself or surpass himself. How can we, and how can I, ever even try to bring to myself a person who has already decided he doesn’t want? I don’t. Of course not.

Now, the question is: in your case, in relation to you, what is your position?

If you have money, great. If you don’t have money you have a plan. If you have time, great. If you don’t have time you have a plan. You have talent and knowledge, great. If you don’t you have a plan. This way, anything that you propose yourself to do, no matter what your current circunstances are, if you have a plan and start working on this plan and doing what you have to do, you’ll be able to do anything you want. And in those circunstances, in that position, I am here to support you and to always, always challange you. You might not have any money, you might be rich, you might not have any time, or you might have all the time in the world, you might no nothing about the Internet and having your own business, or you can be a marketing genious, it doesn’t make any difference. The point is that you always have a challange ahead of you.

What makes successful people, all the people that work with me are people like this, is always living challange after challenge. The fact that you don’t have money to start or time or knowledge, is just a challange. You will have lots more and if you don’t overcome this first challange, you don’t really need to overcome any other and I won’t waste any time with you or people like you besides continuing to send you information and challanging you so that you can surpass yourself, and, when you’re ready, then you can work with me.

One final note: I recommend that you do exactly the same with your affiliates and your prospects, because you can’t use your time on people who don’t want it, you can’t train a chicken to be an eagle. The chicken can become an eagle by itself, but you can’t turn it into one.

Now, concerning you, are you a chicken or an eage? What position are you in? Do you have time, money and talent? Do you not? Look for the answers. We are here to support you in every stage of the process. You can beggin with hardly any money, hardly any time or with hardly any talent, but you need to start with a challanging attitude. It’s the one thing that you need right now and that no one can get for you.

Big hug to you, keep sharp, I’m going to continue to enjoy this beautiful landscape in North Canada, and we’ll se eachother soon.


The video was made exactly at this location:

Are you still a Chicken or are you an Eagle?

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