“Who is hungry has no choice. Their spirit is doesn’t come from where they would like, but from hunger.” – Max Frisch

  • Imagine a person who goes hungry every day, his family is hungry and he can’t think of anything else besides the food that he doesn’t have.
  • Another person has no money, is in need, can’t pay the bills, accumulates debt. He can’t think of anything else besides the money he doesn’t have.

How can a person in these circumstances elevate the spirit, read good books, enjoy nature, spirituality? How? With much effort, will and dedication.

Thinks of his career and doesn’t have time for anything he considers important: family, friends, social action. He is so focused on career, success that he doesn’t enjoy the good books, doesn’t enjoy nature or spirituality.

Are there differences? Yes, but few.

The point is that everyone has their problems, but everyone also tends to view their problems as larger than others’.

You easily see your own limitations but by looking at others, you see the advantages they have in relation to you. This serves to justify yourself for your failure, or at least, for your inaction.

Think about the difficulties as challenges, closed doors waiting to be opened, rather than indestructible walls.

The situation in which you find yourself today doesn’t matter, to move forward you will need to find a way to open this closed door in front of you.

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