“No one bathes in the river twice because everything changes in the river and in who bathes.” – Heraclitus

One of our most important needs is security . We are comfortable with what we know and naturally avoid change.

Yet we constantly change: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Even one friend who says of himself that he never changes his opinion or beliefs. This is simply calling green something that is blue. Changing the name does not change the thing.

You probably can not change the water of the river to serve your goals, but you can change yourself.

And if you change yourself enough the river water will no longer be the same after you bathe in it and it will serve you.

“The daughter of a cook was very sad and complained much about life. Her father then put three pots with water on the stove. One with a carrot, another with a egg and another one with coffee powder. The water boiled. After a few minutes the father called her daughter and put the carrot on a plate: “See my daughter, the carrot was stiff and boiling water made ​​it soft and fragile.” Then he removed the egg, put it on a plate and told his daughter: “the egg, on the other hand, was very weak, but the same boiling water made ​​it hard and strong.” Finally he got the last pot, were he had added the coffee and poured some into a cup. then said, “the coffee, on the other hand, changed the water. “

What this history does not say is that even the water that boiled carrots, and the one that baked the egg  became equally different after the experience.

Choose well what you want to be and how you want to influence the world.

And do not think you are indifferent because that would be a lie.

Whether you like it or not, the mere fact that you breathe forever changes the world around you, imagine the transforming power your actions, words and thoughts have.

And, since you’re gonna change the world,

change it for the better.

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