“If you don’t have critics, you don’t have success.” – Malcolm X

When people you don’t know show up and speak badly of you, you’re probably doing something right.

If these people are people of status, reputable in your line of work, then you’re really making an impact and things will be different in the future because of your actions now. If you were indifferent, no one would give you a hard time.

So if you hear bad things about someone pay attention to him. And if the one who says bad things is a person of recognized value, the more attention you should pay.

Today I felt like talking about this subject because I have seen these things happen and my sympathy goes invariably to the people who are spoken badly about.

Not because I’m nice or defender of the victims. It’s because the majority is never right. The majority has the results that most have, and if anyone wants to have different results, they must do things differently.

  •     And here’s the thing heats úp: most think its bad, and says it’s bad.
  • And here is where I pay attention to the targeted because this is someone with much success.

His world is really changing by his action and this is commendable and admirable.

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