“Always dream and point higher than what you know you can do.” – William Faulkner

You know what common sense says? It says: “Me? I’ll Ever be able to do
that. Never in life, is beyond my means, I have no money, I do not have time for it, like there liked to but I can not … that’s for the rich, etc, etc, etc.. “

And you know what “crazy” people say? They say: Why not me? I’m in not
minimum condition to do so, but I’ll give my best, I will find a way, I will not give up my dream. “


It takes courage? Sure! A good dose of insanity? That to.

That’s why sensible people stop at mediocrity and live in slavery and in constant normal state of whining: they are normal!

And you know what is the result?

We, the abnormals, end up not achieving  a good part of our goals and dreams, yet we become better people, more aware, more understanding, more humble.

On the other hand we also achieve some goals and make some dreams reality and this is enough to be happier and for it all to be worthwhile.

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