“We have to live as we think, otherwise it will end up thinking as we live.” – Paul Bourget

Your life tends to be congruent. There is always a natural tendency to balance what we think and what we do, like how the communicating vases do with water.

If you have dreams and don’t live them, the water inside that tube, gradually goes down until your dreams have the size of your reality. On the other hand, if you live according with what you think, little by little water in the tube of your reality will be approaching the level of the pipe of dreams.

That is called “personal fulfillment.”

Beautiful theory? Let’s put that to practice:

You are a smoker. You know that you’ll have to quit someday but never make the decision. What you think starts getting down to the level of your reality (of being a smoker) and one day you verify that you quietly accepted your condition and even think that if you die because of it, there are worse ways to die. Sorry about speaking this way, I not only know people who think this way but I also already have.

Your health is ruining, you know you need to exercise.

Your finances are at their time of death and you have to get a part time or change jobs.

Your relationships are sour. You have to take the steps that you know you should take.

Etc. .. Right now there is something important, perhaps veeeery important, that you have neglected, avoided.

Know that you have to pay a price. That you either do things or let things do you.

Do your things, the way that your conscience tells you.

Because if you do not, they will shape you and your consciousness to find the natural congruity of the communicating vessels and will reduce you in humanity.

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