“No one ever went far by staying with those who are still.”

I have a friend who likes to say “I do not let myself be influenced.”

Obviously he thinks this way out of influence from his father, who is stubborn as a door and often says the same thing, influenced perhaps by a friend or by his father, now deceased, and whom I did not know.

The fact is that it does not seem possible that it is possible to  “not be influenced”, because if we think a little, everything we do is born from what we think and what we think comes from what we learned. And our learning comes from the recipe we  cook in which the ingredients are our inheritance and the influences that we receive.

Regarding inheritance, having much to say, I’ll say nothing. Another time.

But regarding the influence yes: with them you mold all that you are.

Have you noticed that people with similar interests tend to join in big groups? And that this association will further increase this interest in each individual?

Who likes football joins with fans, who likes money joins with equals to him, who likes beer, the same thing, reading, and cooking, whatever. A musician, if he wants to progress he must join with musicians better than him, a football player will play with great players, a professional will need to attend the circle of the best in their field.

Why? Because if you are the best in your circle you are creating comfortable roots.

You’ll never progress because you’ll want to keep that status.

You have to back out of your comfort zone and let yourself be carried by the influence of those who are better than you.

You probably have to spend casual time with your current friends and get other friends with whom to spend your quality time, but this is not a very high price to pay for your growth.

Do not take the risk of trying to bring all your friends with you because it will not happen. One or the another will accompany you but most will not. You don’t need and should not drag them.

They in turn will try to pull you to their level. Don’t take it personally: “poverty likes company”

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