“Everybody gets presents, but not everyone opens the package.” – Nei Ferrarini

To me a person who complains is like the child who cries and screams on Christmas Day because they didn’t receive presents.

And cries and screams so much that he does not listen to parents, uncles, siblings, grandparents, friends, acquaintances and neighbors who try to explain that he has to look under the tree to find presents.

And there are so many, but so many presents that the tree is almost covered by those packages.

But the child screams that no one likes him, that everyone received presents but him, that he is angry with everyone, he never thought that his parents would do such a thing, that God is a stepfather, that he has no luck, that will only bad things happen to him.

The people around him, little by little stop smiling and trying to show him the abundance under the tree. Each person takes the presents they had brought and they all leave.

The child is alone. Then remembers that someone has said to look under the tree, maybe there is something there. He goes there and finds a naked and empty tree.

All the presents were taken away, but he had never been there at all.

Then reaffirmed to himself all the negative things he was complaining about. After all, he was actually right. The naked tree and loneliness that was shown to him, beyond all doubt that he was right.

For next Christmas it might be different, or perhaps the same, it depends only on him deciding to continue to complain or start thanking of everything he already has, that is not little.

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