“Fear and enthusiasm are contagious.” – Marquis de Marica

Amazing how our actions create sensations and these mark our course:

If you act like you’re afraid, soon you’ll have real fear.

It starts coming to memory the debts, insecurities, losses, abuses of other people on you and your family, government abuses, global warming and natural disasters, disease, death, the meaning of life or lack thereof, etc.. Begins to emerge in your chest a weight of negativity that starts to spread on your face, then in conversations and in a bit over half a dozen people around you are dark and anguished.

The same goes for the enthusiasm. Regardless of what happened today look at yourself in the mirror and smile.

Pretend that you are enthusiastic about your work, your relationship, your projects.

Pretend consistently smiling, walking right and with accelerated pace, doing quickly and enthusiastically (even pretending) all you have to do.

Before long you begin to discover that the reality of things is exciting by discovering in all things and people causes for joy, pride and hope.

After that you begin to affect first a person, then another, and after a while everything rolls on wheels, work, friendship, relationships and earn another color dimension.

And it all started with “pretending”. This shows how you, wanting, you can be master of your life and take it wherever you want. Better (or worse) you can lead many others to the same place where you are, and it is a responsibility that you can not refuse.

Think twice before you decide to be fearful and anxious because you can also decide to be happy and excited.

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