“My biggest challenge was to make sure that my songs are what I am.” – Justin Timberlake

We all have our masks and, even when we reveal ourselves, we’re showing nothing more than just another makeup. We never reveal ourselves, not even to ourselves.

Even so we reveal ourselves in everything we do, think and feel.

Not as we are, but parts of what we are. And it’s these parts that you need to verify if they match your whole you.

  • When you give up on a dream, check if that is what you are, someone without dreams.
  • When you are angry, make sure that really is you, or if it’s a strange bacteria infiltrated into your system.
  • When you walk around sad, discouraged, depressed, inert,check if there isn’t a chemical contamination  in your brain coming from someone at your side, ideas that come from television, friends and family, the internet.

And if you come to the conclusion that you really are: without dreams, projects, energy, think again, because you’re not the one doing the thinking, but a negative contamination coming from I don’t know where.

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