“It’s time to make a coup d’état in your mind and establish an inner government that  establishes the foundation for your future freedom.”

I heard a friend from Madrid, this week-end, talking about economics and finance. Since he’s in banking, not only knows about the banking technology but is one of the mentors for the whole of Spanish about the banking system,  so what he said caught my attention.

He said something like this: you’re stuck in a rat race, are manipulated to serve the economic interests of a handful of people. The funny thing is that you think you’re free, and it is this thought that keeps you prisoner. You work to pay taxes, loans, bills, food, clothing, children’s education, leisure and personal development. In the order presented.

If you want to know what is to be free, take the list above and start from the end.

When your income is distributed in this way and with these priorities, you’ll begin to be truly free.

You may choose to do what you want, when you want. Be what you want, learn, develop yourself and everyone and everything around you. You are not subject to time or bosses or employees, nor governments nor banks.

When will that happen? I do not know, maybe never, but I learned as a child to fall asleep thinking of “good things”, something that gave me joy to have happened or could happen tomorrow. I kept this habit. I think this is what the authors refer to when they speak of “dreams”. And “chasing the dream” is something like imagining how my life would be perfect, enjoy it in my imagination and then start doing something to make this life a reality.

So, suddenly I can’t see a project nobler or more exciting than to work and fight for my freedom.

This fight starts inside of me, that I alredy know, and the coup d’état is underway.

I now have an internal government that will manage my internal energies and is leading me to freedom.

When is your coup d’état?

Are your rebel forces in sufficient quantity and quality?

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