When speaking of  “seeking employment” most people think of “employment center” and “sending resumes.”

I do not . I think of the opportunity to express talent, passion and desire to have the future in my hands.

This is what makes those who create their own jobs. They don’t depend on anybody. Any employer or any ” recruiter “. They don’t lose their rich time in inconsequential interviews, nor to drop another piece of their self -esteem with every ” no” and, especially, they do not put their life or even their future in the hands of others .

Ah , but I do not know what to do …

Ah , but I have no money to invest …

Ah , but everyone’s looking for a job and I ‘m no more than others …

Oh but I do not know if I can …

These questions all of us ask. After all you were not raised to be free, but to be employed by someone else.

Like me, you were brought up to have a job and receive a paycheck , not for you to develop yourself daily and earn ten times more than the average, or not earning almost nothing.

It is this perception of risk ” gaining much more and gaining nothing ” that frightens almost everyone, and maybe you too. But what is a fact is that having a course, and even having a profession and not even have a job, pose no security, as you know. Previously, yes . Who had a profession and a job, kept it for life… At present times, up to 65 years, people have come by an average of 14 different jobs.

Not bad to help pay the bills, but you’ll never get too far by depending only on the job, even if you can maintain it.

Why do you still cling to the idea that having a job is the ideal situation?

Unfortunately the world has changed faster than our mentality and our culture.

Some people have realized that they need to take in their hands their future without relying on employers or employees, nor the government, nor the IMF. This quality of people that I call the New Entrepreneurs. They are users of new technologies, work more than 10 hours a day, develop spiritually and as a human being, are extremely productive, create relationships, work for passive income, enjoy life, adapt quickly to any change, work on networking and are not afraid of anyone.


Rui Gabriel

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