“He who has a why for life can withstand just about anything.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Some people want to be internet marketers, but because they wrote 10 posts on their blog and only have 5 daily visits and zero euros in the account.
  • Other entrepreneurs are enthusiastic, but after a few weeks they look at the bank account and think it-s about time to have it full.
  • Others want to be cooks or dancers or footballers.

What makes these people all failure cases is that, in everyday life, they don’t perform the actions necessary to ensure those dreams become reality.

They are dreamers, deluded. And who’s deluded, will one day be disapointed. All disappointments come from illusions and all illusions come from a dream without action.

So if you’re looking to be happy, look for what makes you happy. Discover your life purpose, your why. When youfind it there will not exist bitterness sweeter than that of which you will endure, or dearest difficulties or most exciting obstacles. The hours of the day aren’t enough, you dream awake, you transform into an inexhaustible source of ideas and energy, you mobilize everything around you and make dreams happen.

Where did all this capacity come from? From your passion and your commitment. It’s like a crime that carries its own punishment. Passion brings commitment attached to it.

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