“We live in a cybernetic system, any change in an element causes automatic adjustments of all others.” – Gregg Braden

A cybernetic system is a system of communication and interaction. Think of the following:

Is that what you think affects what you do? Sure. Your options are derived from your system’s internal evaluation and this depends on your thoughts.

And do what you do affects the people around you? Course. If you decide to go to the movies and you invite a friend, regardless of whether he agrees or not, your invitation has already changed forever, he will have to make a choice between going or not going, compared to anything else that would do the same time, appreciate or not this other thing that your invitation, create a sense of guilt? I think that is due something? A favor? Will be grateful? Resentful? Confused? Whatever it is, will influence some of their future thoughts and therefore their actions, so the thoughts and actions of others that intersect with it, and so on.

You had not thought that a simple invitation could trigger a roll of big events, did you, but it doesn’t stop here. The repercussions of your invitation extend to infinity in time and space.

Doesn’t it seem obvious that, in the abstract, you end up influencing each and every one of the elements of this cybernetic system called humanity, composed of nearly 7 billion elements? Have you considered the fact that you think about in the movies triggered a series of events, thoughts, emotions, positive and negative energies, feelings and relationships that have spread to infinity?

It is like a grain of sand that you shake out of your shoe and spreads in a lake: you will only see one or two ripples, but I assure you that this speck caused ripples that travel around the lake, hit on all edges, interacted with the surface, and with the water to hit the bottom, and then continued to interact with other grains, making a bed harboring life, and participating in the dynamics of the lake, changed it forever. You only sacudiste the speck you were in the shoe.

These cyber systems exist everywhere, inside each other: Your family is another good example. When a child is sick, all family members readjust their priorities, schedules, occupations, concerns, etc..

The whole system readjusts to integrate the new reality caused by the change of a single element.

Now consider the following:

If your actions, which come from your thoughts, arising from your evaluation system, modify the dynamics of life of almost 7 billion people, do not you think it would be logical to think that changing your evaluation system, it will mean change the life of humanity?

It seems very evident.

So have you thought your responsibility in relation to the seemingly intractable issues such as world peace, hunger, terrorism in all its forms and global warming? Or after all now think better and decide that none of this is any of your business? But it is.

Have you seen what you have great responsibility and power for the simple fact of being a part of this cybernetic system called humanity?

And what about humanity being part of another system even larger called universe?

Did you think the authors of personal development were all very mystical and esoteric? After all the science says the same, starting with cybernetics, through chaos theory and quantum physics.

Is it clear? If so, great. If not, great.

Returning to the practicle. You’ve already discovered the foundation for the phrase from Jim Rohn: “If you want things to change for you it’s yourself that you have to change first”? In your financial life, love, health, personal fulfillment?

Change your chip, your evaluation system, and the whole universe will tune the “nature of your song” (as it is said n ‘”The Secret”), will “conspire” (as Paulo Coelho) to match the forces you placed in motion.

Fantastic is not it?

The times in which we live are very exciting that give us knowledge, power and responsibility.

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