It seems to me that the convictions are like the food, they are wanted varied and colorful.

Today I’m an atheist, and as all atheists I know, I am quite spiritual. I call “spiritual” to what my friends call “humanist” because I have no prejudice against the word “spirit.” In any case we speak of the same: the values ​​of freedom, and not only of free will, generosity, individual development and of the pursuit of happiness.

Are these not some of the key values ​​cultivated by any individual?

Atheist or not, everyone is amazed about the human capacity and its achievements.

I do not worry too much about my inteligence. I have it to spare because I have something in common with Einstein. I also have something in common with Brad Pitt, so I do not worry about beauty because I also know that I have reams of it. My money is not a problem because I have something in common with Bill Gates, as well as my capacity for compassion that I share with my fellow Siddartha (better known by the title “Buddha”); also count among my best qualities with a knack for marvel and understanding the nature of the universe, since I have a rib from Hubble and another from Carl Sagan (a great fellow atheist).

What I have in common with all these people is the fact that, like them all, I’m a person.

My brain doesn’t have fewer neurons, my DNA is 99.999% identical, the number of bones and muscles is exactly the same, I have access to exactly the same knowledge and even more (Einstein, Hubble and Carl Sagan have not read much these days, Siddartha is a case apart), and have the opportunity to learn from them, something that they themselves have not had the opportunity to do.

So what is limiting me? Nothing, except myself.

When I finally understand that being an atheist (I’m not), I share the same metaphysical nature of all mankind will know that there are limits and I, man or woman, father or mother of a family, young or retired, middle class, high or low, reading this post right now, I am nothing more and nothing less than Ghandi, Einstein, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, Barack Obama, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, the Amalia Rodrigues, D. Afonso Henriques, Pélé, or any other fella, fellow human.

You have all archetypes within you.

Be one and all.

You can develop each and be who you want. It’s a lot of fun this dance of the archetypes.

And voila, now that I was an atheist for a little while, I will be, from now, a scientist and I’ll read a little book I have here titled “Buy.ology – The science of neuromarketing.” Tomorrow I will be Michael Phelps and I swim a few laps in the pool.

Because to be Rui Gabriel, every day, all day can be tiring.

On top of that, I snore.

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