At the end of the event “Don’t Be A Wussy” of the Empower Network in Denver, Colorado, USA,  we stayed an extra day to go to a barbecue and hang out for a little longer.

It was amazing for all the reasons, including the fact that there were many of what we can call “celebrities” in Empower, like Chris Record, Silvio Fortunato, Aaron Rashkin (of course, being the owner of the house) among others and the surprise presence of David Sharpe with his bride and daughter.

This relaxed environment shows us people as they are, and let me tell you one thing:

Someone who earns $ 1 million per year (as David Sharpe who earns several million) in Empower is just an ordinary person, like you and me.

No egos, no jealousy, but there is a very strong spirit of friendship and family like I have never seen anywhere.

It is true that “good-people” attract “good people,” and we have a real community in Empower Network and in the Lazy Millionaires.

Translation of the vídeo begins 1min:55 in.
You can still enjoy this 1min:55 because most of it is in English.

Ok, we just got to Aaron Rashkin’s house for our little group BBQ. Today is monday, the Empower Network event finished yesterday. We all stayed one extra day to enjoy this relaxing day in the grass, this morning the gang went rafting, now in the afternoon we have this BBQ. We’re all together and there’s no better way to spend the time then together.

Guys, a big hug, you are all in my heart. A big hug to you.

At this BBQ the only thing missing was you, with your joy and enthusiasm.

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