” Heat can not be separated from fire or beauty separated from the Eternal . ” – Dante Alighieri

The effects can not be separated from its cause. ets go after the culprit!

Make your list of successes and failures. Everything that happened to you, that you did, that you achieved, couldn’t achieved, desired. Everything.

Now we look for the culprit by doing detective work, like my hero Hercule Poirot. If someone dies at a party, the suspects will be all the guests, with the exception of the dead, if we exclude the hypothesis of suicide. But if another person dies at another party, the main suspects are the guests who’ve been to both parties, right? Now imagine 7 or 8 people die in 7 or 8 different parties. If you find the guest who was in all of them you’ll probably have your killer. If there were 30 parties, 30 were murdered and someone was in all of them … take your conclusions. If you have a common denominator, you have a culprit.

Now look for the common denominator in the sentences you wrote in your list of successes and failures, for example :

  • He doesn’t like me.
  • I am a failure.
  • I got the promotion.
  • I earned money.
  • I contracted debts. 
  • Creditors are after me.
  • I have talent.
  • I don’t know what to do.
  • I’m sick.
  • I’m healthy.
  • I’m too young.
  • I’m too old.
  • This is not for me.
  • etc … ( see your list, it’s better) .

Who is in all these sentences? What is the common denominator? Who is to blame?

If you notice there is a person who is always present when something good or bad happens: You.

If you are a honest detective, you will take yourself to justice and will blame yourself for all the successes and failures, for the outcome that your life has become.

After you take responsibility you can do something to change what you know has to be changed. If you don’t, you will be guilty of inaction and sentece that are all inert people are doomed to is misery.

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