“We are emptied with the fortune of others, as if we had stolen something.”

If you have not read, you can read one of the most interesting books that I had the great good fortune to cross: “The Richest Man in Babylon”.

One of the stories I found most interesting is the king who decides to build a city. He spends most money, purchase materials and gives profit to sellers, hires artisans and gives profit to the craftsmen, buys food for everyone and gives profit to farmers. The king’s wealth is distributed among all the people and improves the condition of all, while you build your city with its palaces. What happened to his fortune? Was spent? Disappeared? No, of course not, it multiplied. The money generated abundance wherever he went and in the end, it was transformed into buildings, works of art, palaces and streets, of much greater value than the initial money. And where did this value added? Work and talent of so many people involved.

This story shows the power of multiplication of wealth is distributed and valued when, but we did not let us keep only the material wealth.

You and I are swollen with so much abundance, material, emotional, mental and spiritual.

And the rules of multiplication of wealth are the same in all respects: when they divide, they multiply.

Divide your knowledge, share the profit possibilities, involving other people in your life project and involves you in the projects of others. I can guarantee you one thing from experience: everything that is not shared, you rot.

Be it money, knowledge, joys and sorrows, life projects, work, enthusiasm, strengths and weaknesses, everything.

If you make yourself a participant, you’ll be delighted with the successes of others because they are yours too, and everyone will be really happy with yours, because they are not only yours.

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