“What is it that, within you, gives the result that you see?” – Ihaleakala Hew Len

Faced with adversity you can observe what happened and ask why it happened to you. Then, if you give yourself enough time, you will undoubtedly find an answer because if you don’t find it in your memory and logic, your brain will manufacture one.

Usually the answer found exonerates you from responsibility.

It’s the simple fact of asking what and why something happened to you implies that something happened to you coming from a source outside yourself and, therefore, you find blame, responsibilities and explanations on someone or something other than yourself.

Dr Hew Len, author of today’s phrase, says that 100% responsibility for everything that is around us is ours. And he gives an indisputable argument: “When something goes wrong in your world, who’s always there? You.”

Reminds me of the stories of Poirot, Agatha Christie, in every episode someone will die at a party, a cruise, a resort. And the common denominator is Poirot himself who is always around. If I were the police, he would be first on my list of suspects.

It’s the same with the events in our lives. The joys and sorrows, tragedies and misfortunes, not only ours but also of all the people who somehow contact with us. We have the responsibility.

It’s very interesting this idea of taking 100% responsibility for everything that goes on around us, because it means that we can ask the golden question:

  • “What I have in me to have given this result?”

Which brings us also the golden opportunity to Change Ourselves knowing that this change will change everything around us.

All the personal development authors say this same thing. If you understand that the responsibility is not yours, there will be nothing you can do to change events. That’s how most people think. But if you take responsibility, you are also taking the opportunity to change.

It will not be easy to hold ourself accountable for everything around us, prosperity and poverty, health and sickness, love and hate. More practically: what do I have inside me that makes my spouse behave like this, or my boss do this, or a colleague have that problem, or me have excess weight, or my friend have a health problem, or anything else.

It seems too much, doesn’t it? Not only take full responsibility for our actions and their consequences, but also for everything that is happening around us!

Powerful! Imagine that you take responsibility for your friend’s disease! You can’t sit still, you have to find a solution! And if you do the same for the state of the economy? And for world hunger? And if you take responsibility for the children who die malnourished, or victims of violence?

One thing is certain. You will never the same and you will have dramatic impact worldwide.

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