“Science is always a search and never a discovery. It’s a journey, not an arrival.” – Karl Popper

When studying at university a philosophy professor told me that one of the big differences between science and metaphysics is that science is falsifiable.

Exchanged by kids: the scientific truth to be proven wrong.

Indeed the advances in science are made by proof of error: a theory can be proven right today, and will surely proven false tomorrow.

This has happened, as we know, throughout history. Incidentally, when science would be transformed into absolute truth (not falsifiable) as during the thousand years of the Middle Ages, the progress stopped. Scientifically speaking the West was so advanced in sec. Thirteenth century as it was in IV as a result of this.

So why scientists continue to study, develop, learn and explain if they know in advance that all conclusions and ultimately all your work will be proven wrong? For the simple reason that they know that everything is in progress, whereas one of them gives today is a necessary step.

It doesn-t get you to the destination, actually, there is no destination, only a path.

Think that everything you think, do, admire and like, your habits, the labels you place on yourself, all this and everything else are just steps from a great journey.

This journey has a destination: the destination is the journey itself.

If you think this through, you will see that you walk never to waste a lot of calories walking aimlessly because everything is a discovery, all part of the journey and the destination.

It’s up to you to choose the itinerary, step by step, and transform this pilgrimage into a terrifying journey, or simply boring, or if you choose wisely, a dream journey.

And… completely free.

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