“- When I drink wine I can’t work, I’ll have to quit …

– You’ll quit drinking?

– No, I will quit working. “- Two intelligent friends

I heard this joke recently and it mirrors a reality that is very present in me and in you also, for sure .

Remember when you had a dream and you struggled a bit to achieve it? What happened?

As the dream wasn’t coming true, slowly, it started shrinking to the size of your reality: dead.

Interestingly, in the pursuit of any dream find many crossroads: A road with the easy way out and the road of persistence.

And every time you come across these crossroads, one thing you identify as “common sense” or “reason” tells you to give up.

And the reasons for the withdrawal are not lacking. The main ones are: “the others did not do it”, “it is better to stop here then I can always go back and restart”, “not worth it”, “I’ve done enough,” “does not work for me”, “not results “, etc..

There aren’t many reasons to go on, you are tired and discouraged.

But if you can stoke the flame in the back, rekindling those almost blown out coals through remembering your “why”, you will gain a new momentum and you continue your way until you come across a new crossroads.

Here you will have to choose again between your “why” and the “easy way out”.

Personally I see every crossroad as another step of the way and  it’s no longer hard for me to follow my dream … I’ve been through so many that it is now easy to see the”exit” sign, but at first, without a doubt can be painful.

Don’t reduce your dream to the size of your reality.

Increase your reality until it reaches the size of your dream.

It’s more fun and with a more pleasing result.

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