“The compound interest is the greatest invention of mankind” – Albert Einstein

The Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is an aquatic plant species that has a particularity: it occupies the entire mirror surface of the water available in short time in a  surprising way: duplication.

So one day you look at a pond and you see some innocent little leaves at the edge of water, 28 days after a quarter of the pond is covered and two days later the entire surface is green, you do not see even a sliver of water.

This extraordinary plant teaches us the awesome power of duplication, starting with two little leafs, or daily reading 10 pages of a book, or a penny tossed aside, if you use the leverage of a “duplication system” you can make your life into a seemingly impossible dream, but easily achievable.

Imagine the following situation. The numbers I present are based on real statistics:

I found a duplicating system. I have it. It works. I’m so excited with the discovery that I grab my telephone and email and send this information to everyone, you included: “Give me a penny and works 18 hours a day doing what I tell you. In 31 days you will have more than 10 million euros. ” If I send this message to 1,000 people, 900 erase it because they think it’s a scheme, 90 read the message but don’t believe and 10 will be interested in how it works. I explain that they have to put a penny in the box and work 18 hours a day doing what I say (the duplicator system). After the explanation, of the 10 people, 8 are interested. All come with the penny, and receive the training and information necessary to get started.

After the first day, 18 hours of intense work, the 8 people go to the box and see there one penny accompanied by another. The next day, a further 18 hours, there are four cents. After 5 days in a row, tired future millionaires look to the box and there are 16 cents.

Comes the end the week. Of the eight, six want to rest, after all, it is the week-end. However they may have to spend Saturday and Sunday working the same 18 hours. Their life was summed up to work, eat (little) and sleeping (very little).

The second week passed, 14 working days of superhuman work and each has a little over 80 euros in cash (€ 81.92). They talk to friends and they all laugh at them, they were well deceived! After all that work, some hunger and did not gain much sleep, they still didn’t earn enough to eat for a week!

At this point, tired and disapointed, they begin to give up, first one, then another. Before the twentieth day only 3 remain firm. At this point the box has a few cents and € 5,242. After working so many hours in 20 days, 2 think that it is not worth more effort. They never had so much money and go spend it, happy. One remains.

This is willing to run the extra mile. After everyone has left the race, satisfied with the result or not, he does not trip up to confirm or deny his conviction. Could be wrong, but he wants to make everything clear and is willing to pay the price.

On the 24th, only four days after the last ones had given up (and they brought with them 5000 euros), the box it has 83 thousand euros, on the 28th surpassed the million (€ 1,342,177.28) on 30 surpassed 5 million (€ 5,368,709.12) and on day 31, the end of the month, the last holdout takes home more than 10 million euros.

This is what makes the Water Hyacinth: for almost all the time you do not notice the evolution.

All work and little result.

Then suddenly, in a few days everything explodes. We call this phenomenon the “momentum”.

It is like accumulated energy that’s released in a second and launches a  positive shock wave in all directions.

I’m not sure what lesson to withdraw from this post. Take your own. What I think is that it’s not worth wasting much time and energy working without a duplicator system. On the other hand, with it all the effort is worth it, for as long as necessary.

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